The Secret To MLM Success Is No Mystery. Choose Wisely…

We ran into some negative people the other day who tried to rain on our parade as it relates to building our network marketing business.  Try as they could to be so adamant and vitriolic, we were unphased and actually it bolstered our determination to continue to help others and to continue to strive towards financial freedom.  

Why are some critics of network marketing so vitriolic?  Oh, in case you forgot the definition of vitriolic:


ˌadjective:   filled with bitter criticism or malice

Why are they so mad and so bitter?!Failure

Here are some reasons (see if you can find the pattern!):

  1. Some tried to do network marketing and failed.  They don’t care why or how they failed, they just know it didn’t work for them, hence it won’t work for anyone.  Know anyone like that?
  2. Some had a friend or family member get “burned” by a network marketing opportunity and that a friend or family member failed; hence it won’t work for anyone.  Know anyone like that?
  3. Some heard through someone else that someone else tried a network marketing opportunity and they too failed, hence it won’t work for anyone.  Same question – know anyone like that?
  4. Some just are ignorant, and don’t want to do research into why someone they know DID make it big in a network marketing opportunity and so they tried it and once again, it did not work, hence it won’t work for anyone. 

      Do I have to go on?

             So we have two videos to offer.  

               (Choose wisely, grasshopper!)

Video #1

For the critics who want to declare all things network marketing as bad, evil or doomed to failure, you go here:

Video #2

For those of you who understand failure is just part of the journey, you click here:

OK, so come back to the reality of where you are today.  If you are reading this blog, you are probably looking for a solution as to why your network marketing success and business are not happening for you.  Maybe one of these?:

  • You aren’t getting leads.
  • You aren’t getting prospects.
  • You aren’t sponsoring anyone.
  • You have no volume in your business.
  • You aren’t making money in your network marketing business.
  • You are spending way more than you are making in your network marketing business.

In short, you are experiencing failure.  We didn’t say you were a failure.  We said you are experiencing failure at this point in time.  We all have that in common.  Welcome to the “stumbling forward from failure to success” club.

What is so different from your circumstance of  just a few minutes ago when you started to read this posting to right now at this very instant,  is that maybe we can jump-start you out of the “woe is me” syndrome into the “watch me now” syndrome and get your network marketing business off to a level you never before thought possible.

Stop and think for a moment.  What is it that you want out of your network marketing experience?


  • More money? 
  • More freedom?
  • No More Job?
  • Spend more time with your family?
  • More financial security?
  • More Happiness?

Notice the key word in all of these is “MORE”.  You want more of everything, which pretty will sums up what everybody wants, right?  Network Marketing can provide more of everything, but at the start and along the way, it will also create more of this (if you let it!):

  • More frustrationFrustration
  • More time issues as you juggle job and your network marketing business
  • More friction between some frients and your family.
  • More money going out than coming in (THAT doesn’t have to be the case!)

Iin order to get to the rewards you seek in network marketing, you have to go to school, learn what to do, and then (the hardest of all), be patient and go to work.

It’s called NetWORK Marketing, not NetPLAY or NetHOBBY Marketing!  The optimum word here is WORK!  

You must realize that the success you seek in your MLM business, just as in life is hard work, persistence, and remaining emotionally calm while others around you are not.  We touch base on a lot of these topics in our blogs, so here are some links to critical “must have” skills as you build your MLM business:

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Maintaining Balance:  Network Marketing Business Success; Balance is Critical

Emotions:    Network Marketing Success:  Mastering Your Emotions  This blog links to the amazing Emotional Peace System that Melody has developed which teaches you how to forever get control over negative and destructive emotions.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Goals:    Network Marketing Training Tip: Write Down Your Exact Goals

Getting a MLM Coach:  MLM Network Marketing Traininga Success – Get a Coach!

Getting FREE Leads:   Can I Get Totally Free MLM Leads? Part 1of 3 Free MLM Leads

These are just a few of the blogs and related videos that we use to constantly train ourselves on MLM and network marketing and which we offer here for your use.

We spend a lot of our time training other how to have an online MLM business – it is what we do.   Our specialty is teaching others how to maintain a positive attitude, because it is all about the attitude that will determine your MLM success of failure.  As we said in the title of this blog – The secret to MLM success is no Mystery.  You choose that MLM success or failure by what goes on in your brain, by the control of your emotions, and by gonig to work to make it happen.

We’d be honored to assist you in that journey.   

Where your MLM success is waiting for you .

Where we are waiting to help you.


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