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As online network marketing trainer and business owners, one question rattles around in our brains on a constant basis:  What is the perfect blog that will lead someone to believe or take action, or do something that will ultimately help them understand the power of what they have just by being involved with a network marketing business online?  In other words, we have a quest for that perfectly written blog that inspires, and leads others to the promised land of residual income.

Internet WheelSo, we want to step back and remind the reader that if you are interested in achieving financial freedom, or never having to go to a “job” again, of controlling your time rather than time always dictating what and when you do something, there are few vehicles as powerful and as lucrative as network marketing in an online format.

Successful network marketing online has the potential of creating financial freedom for the few that decide to make it work and put the effort in.

As you can see from this little diagram on the left, there are a lot of moving pieces to successfully being a network marketing business owner.  Some of the things you construct in your network marketing business might come easy, some will certainly come hard.  But you must do 100% of these tasks to be successful.  Leaving out any key ingredient will hold you back and in all likely hood might cost you that financial freedom you are looking for.

In previous blogs, we defined the very essence of just what an online network marketing business is trying to do.  We dug that “formula” up and present it again for your consideration:

      10 Step Formula For Creating Network Marketing Residual Income

  1)  A Professional Marketing Platform (commonly called a” website”, or “blog”)      PLUS 

2)  Great Network Marketing Blog Content Constantly Being Added to      PLUS

3)  An Active Network Marketing You Tube Video Channel Constantly Added to    PLUS

4)  Network Marketing Coaching and/or Mentoring     PLUS

5)  A Serving Attitude and Heart    PLUS  

6)  A Sincere Desire to Help Others     PLUS 

7)  An Array of Network Marketing Products    PLUS

8)  A Willingness to Invest Time and Money in Your Network Marketing Business    PLUS

9)  An Active Use of Social Media in your Network Marketing Actions      PLUS 

10) A Constant Learning Mind Set about all things Network marketing    Yields

An Ever Expanding Network Marketing List of Leads in the Thousands    Equals 

Long-Term Network Marketing Residual Income

Wow – now think about what we’re saying in the context of the perfect network marketing success blog.  The elements in the formula above are absolutely doable by every person who decides to “get rich” in a network marketing business.


Which of these are true?

love of moneylack of money

They Both Are

The often mis-quoted phrase on the left is usually quoted as “money is the root of all evil”.  Said that way, the phrase is ridiculous.  Money is a tool and the more anyone has of a tool, the better the lives they can help, not only themselves but others.  Now, the LOVE of money can lead to trouble.  So, remember to keep the concept of money in focus.  Money is like fertilizer – it is only good when spread around! That is never more true as it relates to network marketing.

The quote above on the right is often credited to Mark Twain too.   Regardless of who originally said it, it too is true.  Much of  the violence and turmoil in the world stems from someone – either an individual,  or a group of people who lack what everyone on the planet wants – food on the table, a safe place to live, a future for their children, etc.  Those things are only obtained by having enough “buying power”, or money.

It is true that some in the world  may not have those things in life – security, enough to eat, a safe place to live, etc. simply because of laziness, or a lack of ambition,  but in too many situations around the world, someone or some entity is blocking the flow of money into people’s lives (a government structure like a dictatorship for example).

So then, this next statement shows why the freedom we can create through network marketing should never be taken for granted:

Those of us lucky enough to have a vehicle like online network marketing as a choice in our lives have only to learn how to do it, apply it consistently, be patient, learn, help others, and that financial freedom is a natural by-product over time.  


So  if  someone tells you they are not in network marketing for the money, they:

  • Have never made money in network marketing, and don’t believe they can make money in network marketing but are doing this because a family member or friend is pressuring them to do what they are doing (who, by the way the person doing the pressuring has never made money in network marketing either!)
  • Have failed at network marketing in the past and don’t believe they can make money in network marketing, so they tell everyone they are not in it for the money, they are in it for the great products or relationships.
  • Are lying.

The honest truth about anyone in network marketing is they are in it for the money.  Period.  End of story.  

If that is a true statement (and we believe it is), then the “perfect blog”, the blog that will ultimately help others to build an online network marketing business and stop doubting their ability to make that successful, is ANY blog (like this one) that demonstrates why and how an online network marketing business will, in the end, provide you with financial freedom (i.e., make you “rich”).

And so, this blog is the blog that will make you rich.  Well, how about we say it is the blog that COULD make you rich because it explains the ideas that CAN make you rich.  What you the reader has to to is to decide that it is possible, that it can be built, but more importantly, will take action and just go and build it!  As the saying goes, talk is cheap.  Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk!


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