Network Marketing Success: The Numbers Prove Success is Possible

So, you may ask, just how will the Internet create for me successful network marketing down line? How can I get people I don’t even know into my business from the Internet, when I can’t even get those who know me and trust me to get into my network marketing business? Well, the answer is twofold:

  • Numbers, numbers, numbers, and
  • Building relationships with effective and meaningful content and communication with those who respond to your ads and website.

Building relationships in network marketing is the subject of another blog and it is the glue to formulate a powerhouse network marketing business.  Check out the blog “Network Marketing Success – The Money is in the Relationships!” For this discussion, we have to ask the question:  Is the Internet the way to go with network marketing?  How many people do network marketing on the Internet?  Internet Image MLM While we could look at the entire world as our market (and indeed you will get people from all over the world contacting you), for simplicity sake, let’s just concentrate on North America – the United States and Canada.  From, as of June of 2012 (the latest details available):

  • 2016 statistics show there are 319 million Internet users in the U.S. and Canada (  In the U.S., that represents a whopping  88.5% of the population, of both countries.
  • Facebook users as of 3/31/15  for both these same countries is 161 million.  That means  50% of all Internet users in the U.S. and Canada are also on Facebook and when you understand how our network marketing tools are designed to include social media like Facebook, you can see how we can explode your network marketing business by the sheer number of people we can reach.

How many of those Internet users are involved with network marketing?  Statistics published in the 2015 annual report by the World Foundation of Direct Selling Associations (a non-governmental, voluntary organization founded in 1978 as a federation of national Direct Selling Associations), indicates 18.3 million from the United States and 780,000 from Canada are involved with network marketing.  What is most interesting of their research is that 98% of that activity is done “person to person” or in “party plans or classes”.  What that means is that only 2% of network marketing is being done by “other means”.

              Think about that for a minute!             

  Einstein Thinking

The vast majority of those who are involved in network marketing (98%) are NOT using the Internet to grow their business.  How many “failures” do you think are created every minute by the “person to person” format – the old fashioned way of friends and family in network marketing?   I can assure you, the failure rate is high – maybe even approaching that 98%. 

This means you are in the right place with the right vehicle (the Internet) and you can be learning from those who have had network marketing success already.  We are your “expertise-team” ready to go to work with you for YOUR network marketing success. 

So, how does that translate to our potential success in network marketing?   Crunching the numbers, it means that about 6% of all Internet users in North America are possibly involved with network marketing (18,300,000 + 790,000 = 19,090,000 divided by 319,000,000).  That is only for the United States and Canada.  If we included the rest of the world, your network marketing exposure grows even more, but again, we’re trying to keep this simple.

  • Number of Network Marketing  participants:  19,140,000
  • Percentage of Internet Users as a whole of the entire population:  88.5%
  • Potential Network Marketing participants on the Internet:   (88.5% times 19,140,000) = 16,938,900.  Let’s round it to 17 million.

Stay with me on this…

If you had a product to sell through network marketing, and let’s assume that your network marketing product is a recurring $20 per month – a consumable that someone will buy over and over.

Here is what can happen with just ½ of 1% of those millions of network marketing Internet users in North America:

  • ½ of 1% of 17,000,000 is 85,000.
  • 85,000 consumers times $20 is $1,700,000.  Per month.

Hmmm….do you think that is possible?   No?  OK, cut that in half.  Cut it in half again.  And again.

You are left with $212,500 per month.  That would be 10,625 people buying your $20 network marketing product every month.

Still not convinced? 

Not Convinced

Cut it in half again and again and again. You still have $26,562.50 per month in revenue volume.  

Can you live with that? 

Even just a tenth of that $is $2,656.25 in monthly revenue.  Modest indeed, but even that I’m guessing would make your life a whole lot easier, right?

Folks, the Internet is still in its infancy.  Less than 2% of network marketing is being conducted on the Internet, but most of the successful network marketing business owners are using the Internet.

Get Started Now!

You and I are fortunate enough to have found someone who is on the cutting edge of Internet-driven network marketing success – Josh Cope.  You absolutely, positively, can build a business with thousands in it! I want you to know our success is real and you need to know the example I just painted is not make-believe.  It is real and it is happening. 

You can either jump on board, or continue to wonder why you got left behind! 

Yes Bruce & Melody, Help Me Now!




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