The Fastest Way to MLM Business Success

fastest way to mlm growthYou all have heard the mantra from your network marketing up line – make a list of at least 50 prospects (100 is better!)  never pre-qualify them, and then watch your business take off!

Uh-huh.  How is that working for you?

Folks, we are old hands at the classic MLM prospecting methods going back over 15 years ago to our Amway years.  We did it all to the max!  We “ran the roads” – literally and in every way possible, including purchasing all the products, buying all the books and tapes, and attending all the functions, regardless of the distance or cost.

We were network marketing on steroids!

That MLM model is what we’ll call the “horse and buggy” format, while the new MLM vehicle is more like a bullet train in comparison.

Do you still believe the MLM model of “friends and family” will work? Well,  it is possible to earn income with the MLM method of “friends and family”, but it is painful and WAY too expensive.  The process of contacting all family and friends, calling out of the blue your “warm list” of contacts – folks you have not seen in years or talked to in years, and finding out this is true:

I Don't Care Garfield

  • Don’t care about your business,
  • Don’t care to get uncomfortable
  • Don’t care to leave precious hours with their family behind
  • Don’t care to be rich without any effort, in short, they

In our opinion, traveling by horse and buggy creates only the need to clean up after the horse!  It’s time to jump into a seat on the MLM Internet bullet train!

The old MLM format where you spend your money on expensive motivational conventions and find yourself standing in line for hours with your MLM “diamonds in training” brothers and sisters  

MLM Line Image

all of you waiting with bated breath for the doors to open, so you can marvel at the high achievers of your MLM  business stroll across the stage encouraging you that “it is easy – anyone can do it!” – well, you get the picture.  Please understand something – we have the greatest of respect for anyone in network marketing who has achieved a level of residual income that allows them to own their own time and bank the big money – they are MLM business leaders and persistent achievers and they deserve that MLM success, but there are so many more effective methods at our disposal in your MLM business to accomplish that financial freedom and beyond, and those MLM tools are what our site is all about.

Remember this – a  successful MLM business, regardless of the product or service, is a business, and that is all about sales and THAT is all about 2 basic essentials:

Numbers & Relationships.

We will show you how to build huge MLM numbers on the Internet and how to build MLM relationships through the Internet so that you can grow your MLM business in today’s online world.   We will show you how to achieve network MLM success step-by-step.  
We have been in your shoes – we’ve worn out countless pairs of shoes in fact!

 We feel your pain.

MLM Sucess

Don’t wait another minute trying to build your MLM in a horse and buggy vehicle.  Step into the world of MLM success and get on board the Internet bullet train!   



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 Bruce and Melody Haines

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