Review of Josh Cope 8 weeks to 10K Challenge

If you are considering working with Josh Cope and his “8 Weeks to 10K Challenge”, please know we were in your shoes a few short months ago.  Full disclosure up front:   We spent more than the average business owner to get personal one-on-one counseling with Josh and so what we tell you is absolutely true.

We are not someone who bought into Josh’s material, kicked it around the block a few days or weeks and then gave up.  We continue to work with Josh on a personal basis one-on-one basis and that may give you a clue that we decided his content and assistance was worth it.  It certainly was.  We can summarize what we’ll tell you in this blog by saying the value we’ve received so far is so much more than what we expected that we are certain the future of our business is in really capable hands with Josh guiding the way.

We offer 5 key points of why this course may be the biggest no-brainer in the history of the Internet when it comes to building your network marketing business.   We’ve covered the major aspects of this system so you can make an informed decision as to if his system is worth it for you.  For us, we are grateful and continue to use all of this information to keep our network marketing business growing.

#1   A Josh Cope “Hot Button”:  It’s all about Value and Relationships.

This single factor was one of the reasons we knew there was something to this program, and for all of you “guys” in network marketing, my wife of 15 years, Melody, was all over this program simply because of the relationship aspect of what Josh teaches.

Seriously, Josh has hit the nail on the head in his overall philosophy in utilizing the Internet as a way to grow any network marketing business.  The key, as he stresses in his material repeatedly is to build a relationship with those you work with and bring value up front and at no charge.   This makes all the difference between the so called network marketing business “guru’s” who try to “sell” you something, demand money up front, and then deliver poor tools that are second rate and in many cases, poor service.

Without this cornerstone of a foundation, all other details just won’t make a difference.  The value of Josh’s material without requiring any major investment up front is refreshing and sets him apart from all others in this industry.

#2 – The Course Content is Outstanding and Josh Knows How to Teach

So when you do eventually open your wallet and become part of his down line (I prefer the term “family” because that is how it feels), you’ll discover the value you receive, if done on your own, would cost you thousands of dollars and gosh knows how much time. We know – we researched like crazy and found that the time and energy to get what Josh’s course has created would have cost us “stupid” time and money.  Now, we can put that additional money into growing our network marketing business.

Utilizing Josh’s material and teaching just may be the biggest no-brainer value in the history of network marketing!

If you are worried about not having any content with this course, STOP WORRYING!  Seriously, there are almost 2 GB (yes that big) of materials available for download – MP3 files with recorded specific instructions, links, recommended actions and resultant Q&A sessions where Josh answers live questions from others who are in the course.  There are over 30 hours of audio material – we actually created MP3 disks and play them in our cars to continue the learning process.

There are also hundreds of pages you can download in a .pdf format which cover in-depth and in summary format all the teachings in the course.  We printed those too.

The bottom line on the content is there is so much value here it is almost overwhelming.  What saves it from becoming “too much” is Josh has clarity in presenting and in teaching that is most rare and unusual.  His is generous with his time and it shows that he cares as he pulls his students through who are coming in at different levels of technology and background, but he never shorts a question or gives incomplete details – he understands his relationships with those who are relying on him are critical and that makes all the difference.  You will be well treated by Josh, regardless of your level of expertise in the building process.

#3 – Josh Knows His Stuff – Especially Copywriting

If you invest in any course, you want to know the instructor is well prepared and knows his material.  Josh gets high marks here.  He has spent years honing the most critical of skills you must have in building a network marketing business:  Copywriting.  His expertise shows in his results and in the materials in his course.  You will not only learn about building a back office to your website (which we cover later and most of the hard work is already done for you), you’ll get Marketing and Selling 101 and will advance your sales skills and how to handle prospects and turn them into dollars and sense.

Josh devotes ample time and examples on how to write ad copy (yes, still needed and relevant in the Internet age!), but he also has recommendations for outside authors and books you can obtain and learn from.  We recommend you get the books he promotes and read them.

We also want to stress that Copywriting is just one are he excels at.  The process and methodology of how to use this copy and how to move prospects through the funnel to your final presentation of your opportunity is so important, and Josh knows this well as the success and size of his business can attest.

 #4 – The Technology and Back Office Details are Full and Robust – A Massive Value!

 This could be the home run of the entire course.   Josh has created a monster value with the integration of Optimize Word Press with the plugins and widgets and with his support staff that produces a world class website.  Josh has also connected us to iContact and has built a beautiful system of auto responders so that your prospects can be “processed” ‘automatically as they move to the end of your opportunity funnel.

The content of the auto responders is already built for you, and even more, when  those messages go out to your prospects is already in place – you merely have to customize the copy to fit your opportunity, and the automation of the back office processes the volume.  It could not be simpler and when we saw this feature, we could not be happier!  This feature of what Josh has constructed alone is worth the price of admission!

Writing blogs is simple and can be done quickly.  The support of Josh’s technical folks also makes any hurdles you encounter brief.  They respond quickly to questions and concerns by email and we have yet to not have an issue resolved quickly and with little angst on our end.

#5 –   Josh is “Plugged in” To The Shifting Course of the Internet – We All Win!

Make no mistake about this point:  Yes, getting a good website in place is important, and yes, getting killer back-office tools to make your life easy is important, but we are building a business for the future of residual income, and having a guide like Josh is so important to know where the currents and eddies of the Internet river will go, and how to navigate those waters

For example, look how important social media sites have become to building a successful Internet network marketing business.  All the social media sites are constantly changing – Twitter, You Tube, and Face Book, etc.  The same can be said about Google – it is constantly re-inventing and changing content requirements, page links, etc.  The point is how do you keep up to speed on what is needed to adjust your business to these changes?  We don’t have to – Josh does it for us!

Josh is constantly getting the latest in changes in all of these sites so that he can effectively guide and steer those of us in his business to be more effective and “ahead” of the curve.   I compare it to the surfer who is actually riding the crest of the wave and can see where he is going, vs. those who never seem to get their surf boards properly positioned, and end up getting crushed by the wave as it breaks over them.  I don’t think that is where you want to be!

With Josh, you are on top of the “Internet Wave”, riding it with clarity, thanks to his continually re-inventing his business and passing this knowledge to those in business with him.  We cannot stress how important this is!  Having a guide to help you through the Internet jungle is not a luxury – it is a necessity.  We are lucky to have found Josh who keeps us all on the path we need to be on.  Tremendous peace of mind.

Final Summary and Thoughts – “The Professional Touch is There”

So why listen to a few baby boomer Internet entrepreneurs?  Well, when we first “found” Josh on the Internet, we were fortunate enough to actually speak to him when we called a toll-free number concerning the process of signing up in his system.

We were dumbfounded that Josh actually picked up the phone and talked to us on day 1 and spent a generous amount of time explaining, asking questions, etc. on what we were looking to do.

But what really made Josh stand out is that we were ready to spend more money to get his one-on-one counseling (his Elite classification), but he insisted that he “interview” us to make sure that was a fit for both sides.   He wanted to make sure our intent would fit into his model, which is built on value, relationships and handling things in a professional manner.

Fortunately, we are all on the same page as to those quality’s and we have not looked back.  The fact that Josh is not in this for a buck was critical to us and should be critical to you.  Josh is in this to build a successful network marketing business and is looking to do the same for us and anyone else he partners with.  This is so refreshing in a world of impersonal websites to find a real caring human being who wants to help you succeed.  We could not be more comfortable in our having gone into business with Josh Cope.

We hope this review has given you some confidence in the “8 weeks to 10K Challenge” is all about, and more important, what it means to be in business with someone like Josh.  If you are so moved, follow our link, below, and become part of our extension of Josh, as we are moving quickly to train others on how to have that successful network marketing business and earn that extra time and money we all know are possible to create if done correctly.

Josh did it for us and is helping us achieve network marketing success and we’d like to do the same for you.  Take action and join us!

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