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As an entrepreneur in the network marketing field, you will constantly expand your knowledge base and constantly learn.  In the time we’ve been building this website, we’ve discovered some extremely valuable and worthy places to visit to extract and learn information.

The links below are certainly just scratching the surface of places you need to visit and learn from, and we’re sure this brief list will grow as we continue to get the most out of sites like those listed below.  We  wanted to provide a quick list of sites where value is obtained, often free, or for a nominal monthly charge.

We purposely kept the list short simply because there are hundreds of hours of learning within the links below.  Make it a point to visit each of these sites, bookmark them, then turn them into your own learning library.

If you’ll takejust 15 minutes a day and research,read, make notes, etc… your online presence will expand, your content both writing and videos will improve, and ultimately people will be drawn to your site based on excellent value, and excellent products.

Please feel free to leave comments on any site you have found that is helpful.  The more we all help each other with our business goals, the faster we all prosper.  – Ranked 2,227 by Alexa (6/9/15)

Neil Patel, the creator of Quicks, has vast amounts of free information on creating traffic, SEO research, copy writing, and many other valuable offerings.  Go to the link we provide and look on the right side of Neil’s blog for a list of the fantastic research tools that are worth of exploring in detail. – Ranked 18,867 by Alexa (6/9/15)

Jon Morrow is a master copy writer and this site is chock full of content that is free.  Jon also has paid services and one that is highly recommended by Bruce is his Guest Blogging course. While very few can claim to have finished this intensive course, the result is you will be equipped to get your guest blog on leading sites all over the world.  For us, that is still a work-in-progress.

If you are serious about becoming a better copy writer, Jon’s material is second to none.  He spent years as the associate editor on one of the world’s most popular sites for copy writers world wide:  – Ranked 6,095 by Alexa (6/9/15)

There are few sites as thorough and as complete in content as  They offer a program of 16 high-impact ebooks, a 20-part Internet marketing course, and a weekly roundup of all fresh Copyblogger content. Register for that course here for free. Ranked 65,293 by Alexa (6/9/15)

You can read about this research platform on our blog here:  Keyword Research by Jaaxy – a Powerful Keyword Research Tool.  Jaaxy has multiple levels of participation, from free to higher paid levels.  If you are serious about keyword research or site rankings, this is a must visit and must use site.  You can put in keyword phrases to gauge their effectiveness for traffic and competition, plus for keyword phrases, check to see where your site ranks in a Google search.  Highly recommended!  – Ranked 385 by Alexa (6/9/15)

Fiveer is one of those cool places you can explore and spend very little money, starting at $5 buck, for a whole host of products and services.  We have been both on the buying and selling end of Fiverr and it is well worth exploring. Read about our Fiverr experience here as a buyer:   Fiverr and Network Marketing – MLMWildfire’s Review: 1 of 2  and here as a seller:   Fiverr and Network Marketing – MLMWildfire’s Review: 2 of 2.

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