Network Marketing Training Tip: Write Down Your Exact Goals

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Finally, one cliche’ that is true for network marketing (and life too!) –  ” We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.”  Why is that?  Well, most would say goal setting is boring.  Or, goal setting is tedious.


We believe Goal setting, especially in your MLM or Network Marketing business is Money in The Bank!

Here’s why:

Goals are Merely Proof of Your Concrete Thoughts

Thoughts are things...Written goals are simply “thoughts on paper.”  Now, for those who follow our network marketing business,, that is a profound statement because we believe that thoughts are “things” and to manifest these things in your network marketing business, or just in your life, you have to empower those thoughts with action.  Pretty elementary, when you think of it. 

Here’s an example that illustrates that concept.  Even as a child this concept was being introduced to many of us – for example, consider making a Christmas list.  We’re betting for those who celebrate Chrismas, somewhere in your child hood, you created a Christmas list.  Heck, you may even have written a letter to Santa Claus to make sure your wishes were heard.  “I want a red fire engine, and a bike, and a Superman action figure”.  So, you got advice from your parents to write that down, and be good, and perhaps that would be what Santa would leave.

Many times, those wishes became reality and then somewhere along the way, we all grew up and forgot the lessons that were learned.  In fact, we were finally told that Santa Claus was not real, and that the world was a much tougher place than we thought.

So who knows, perhaps the unwillingness or stubbornness of not writing goals for your network marketing business is because you have been jaded about how life slowly became “adult-ized” versus as a child when your imagination and your child-like innocence empowered you as a child to have much bigger beliefs in “miracles”, or that you really could be an astronaut, a cowboy, or whatever else you thought you could become.

Goal setting became the very embodiment of losing our belief in great things happening in life because after all, when you grow up, you are told to just work hard, get a job, and life is a tough road.

We’ve digressed a bit, but stop and just think about it for a minute.  If you are one of the very rare individuals who writes down and follows your goals for your network marketing business, making course corrections in actions and thoughts along the way, then we congratulate you and we’re probably safe in saying you’ve either achieved more than the person in a network marketing business who doesn’t make goals, or very soon, YOU WILL!

know where you're goingSo, how do you do it?  How do you make meaningful network marketing goals that are realistic and achievable?  We’ve found the only way is to be SPECIFIC and DETAILED.  Your odds of making those network marketing goals a reality are greatly improved when the thought in your mind of where you want your network marketing business to go is exact and detailed.   Vague “wishes” are just not good enough for that thought to be brought to you by the Universe.

For example:  “I want to be rich in my network marketing business” is such a poorly expressed “goal” that is has no meaning – no impact.  What is “to be rich?” Is it $50,000?  Is it $50,000,000, or something in between?  If you can’t specifiy EXACTLY what it is, how do you think the Universe can hand that back to you?  If you don’t know, then that is what you will receive – you’ll receive “I don’t know” handed back to you.

A bit esoteric?  Not at all.  Thoughts have been proven to have actual “substance” and so if you are exact, then “exactness” will be the result.

So, instead of “I want to be rich in my network marketing business”, you should have a series of goals to get to your definition of rich:  “In three months, I will have an extra $5,000 in my network marketing bank account from my network marketing business”.  In one year, I will have an extra $50,000 in my network marketing bank account from my network marketing business”.  “In ten years, I will have one million dollars in my network marketing bank account from my network marketing business.” 

Makes a difference, don’t you think?  Note, we did not say “I want”, we said “I will”.  Command the thought to happen, and it will.

WHAT, WHEN AND WHERE ARE FINE.   “HOW” is none of your business!   


By the way, you are to plan for what to do, for when to do it, and for where to do it, but you are not in control of “how” it happens, you just leave “how” to materialize as it will by taking care of what, when and where.  This is another universal truth we’ve found that is just that – a universal truth!

Don’t believe us?  Listen to what Les Brown, world-renowned speaker and motivational coach has to say:


Les talks about dreams but we’re completing the picture for you:  Unless your network marketing dreams are written down, they are only dreams.  Written down, they become network marketing goals. And that is a roadmap to your network marketing success.

So, get those network marketing goals written down! – Put targets on them, constantly review them, and believe that this exercise will help you grow your network marketing  business and will, in fact, impact your personal life in positive ways too.  Don’t be a wandering generality, be a laser-focused specific!

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