Network Marketing Success: You have to have “Heart!”

This “fictitious story” we heard some time ago really illustrates courage and fear and risk vs. reward.

Here is the scene:  Picture two 100 story skyscrapers several hundred feet apart, with a 6 inch steel beam at the top of each roof stretched between the two towers.   You are on the roof edge of one of the towers looking at this 6 inch steel beam.

Here is the question:  Would you walk across that steel beam to the other tower for $5,000?

No?  Good call – money is not worth that kind of risk, right?

So, let’s up the amount to $50,000.  Are you going across that steel beam?

Still maybe not?  Thinking about it?  How high would the amount have to be to cross that beam?

OK, let’s get down to it:  Would you do it for a million dollars with a slight change of the situation:  It is 35 degrees, it is raining and a stiff wind is blowing.  Are you going to go across that steel beam for 1 million dollars?

If you are like most, the answer is still no way.  Life is just too precious to risk losing your life for money when the risk is too great.

So, let’s change the situation one more time.  There is a small child – your son or daughter who doesn’t see the danger walking on the other skyscraper moving towards the edge.  You would be horrified and now the question is the same:

Would you go across that steel beam to save your child for no money at all?  We’re betting without hesitation, y0u would go over that beam as quickly as possible and wouldn’t even think twice about the personal danger. What changed?   Eye on the Prize All of a sudden, the risk was not an overriding factor – the precious life in danger was worth far more than money or even your personal safety.  

The key is that you would take your eye off the obstacle and put your concentration on the  “prize”, which in our example, is saving the life of a child or a loved one – something that overrides any fear we might have had.


The point is this:  Building a successful network marketing business takes work.  Oh yeah, it also takes a handful of traits such as:

  1. Research
  2. Writing skills
  3. Persistence
  4. Patience
  5. Determination
  6. The ability to take heat from family and friends who think you are “nuts”, or “crazy”

We’re sure there are more qualities needed to build a successful network marketing business, but as the illustration at the top of this blog points out, it also takes:


A successful network marketing business is possible.  The “secret” is not such a secret after all.  The ingredient most people never get is TEAMWORK and mentoring by someone who has built a network marketing business.   We were fortunate enough to partner with a wildly successful network marketing “guru” Josh Cope.  Just in his twenties, Josh  has companies coming to him for network marketing advice and guidance on building large Internet-driven network marketing businesses.

If you do nothing else in your due diligence in asking “is network marketing for me?” click the button below to find out how our network marketing business has taken off with the assistance of Josh Cope.  We were blown away, and continue to be amazed at his giving nature, the technical content he assists us with, and most of all,  his giving heart.

Take action now!  Do you have the heart to make it happen?  


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