Network Marketing Success: The Key is Mastering Emotions

Frustrated by your network marketing business?

Angry at how long it is taking you to be successful in network marketing?

Stressed out by trying to grow a network marketing business while keeping a good attitude at the job?

Agitated by your significant other’s refusal to see the network marketing vision?

 Emotions.  They control us in good ways and bad ways. 

Positive emotions like love, happiness, joy, are easy to live with and simply by how good we feel positive empotionswhen experiencing those emotions tells us that being happy, experiencing love an d and joy, is our natural state of mind and that state is where we should be all the time. 

Negative emotions, like fear, anger, hatred, frustration, jealousy, well these are the emotionsnegative emotions that hold us back, that create conflict in our lives, in essence these negative emotions stop us from being the loving, joyful person we know instinctively we were meant to be.

So, when you amplify any of these emotions by introducing network marketing into your life, well, the results can be even more negative emotions, OR, if done correctly, even more positive emotions.

Let’s face it, you did not grow up saying “I want to be a network marketing professional” (well, if you did, you are really a rarity!).  The allure of being financially independent, of having all the time in the world to be with your family and friends, well that allure is powerful and we know of no other industry where a minimum of capital and some serious effort can produce those results.


If you got into network marketing to get rich, or feel the end result is what it is all about, you missed the mark and you will fail at network marketing.  Simple as that. 

By its very definition, network marketing is about helping someone else achieve success and in helping others do that, you will get success too.  It is all about the journey, not the is about the journey So, most people who get into network marketing forget or are never told by their sponsor, that the results you seek are completely dependent on your commitment to others.

Instead, without that message and more importantly how to keep their emotions and attitudes positive during the journey, most people let negative emotions of frustration or anger, or stress control their lives because they are not seeing the network marketing results they were promised or envisioned.

Most people in network marketing have forgotten that the network marketing journey is trying to teach you to be “in the now”; to know that network marketing setbacks and challenges are all temporary and a reflection of life itself.  HOW you respond (not react) to those hurdles is what is important, NOT the end result.  Same thing in life.

Are you one of those people guilty of that mistake?  Well, rest easy.  You are not alone.

Think of it in terms of sports.  Most people who follow sports say that sports is an analogy to life in general.  There is competition, there is training and practice, there is risk, and there are rewards.  There are winners and losers, there are quitters, there are amateurs and there are professionals.  Sports are a mirror to life itself.

We believe the same analogy exists for network marketing.  There is competition, there is training and practice, there is risk, and there are rewards.  There are winners and losers, there are quitters, amateurs and there are professionals.  Network Marketing is also as a mirror to life.

The Winning Edge – Master Your Emotions

How do you get that winning edge to network marketing?  You learn to control the negative emotions.

How do you get that winning edge in life?  You learn to control the negative emotions.

How do you control negative emotions?

First, you look squarely at the emotion that invades your mind and recognize it for what it is – a force of the ego looking to high jack you from that state of happiness and joy.  You don’t ignore it, you deal with it head on.

How do you do that? Ah, and here is where the average person, when told the solution, will cringe because just like network marketing, it takes effort and commitment.  Like anything else that is good in life, it takes effort and commitment. However, the good news is when you understand the principles to removing negative emotions, once implemented, the results will change your network marketing business and your life in an amazingly good way, forever.

Ask Yourself These Questions:  

What would your business and your life be like if you could remove stress, anger, or any negative emotion on command?  

What fills the place of a negative emotion if it is not allowed to exist?  Not allowed to flourish? 

Positive emotions like joy and happiness take its place.

Who wouldn't want that?  

We already recognized our natural state is a state of happiness, so with more positive emotions bolstering your network marketing efforts, you become a more effective leader, and as a more effective leader, you will have others drawn to you for they will see the passion and positivity you bring to the table. The results you seek from network marketing and life will be much easier to accomplish with the mastery of emotions.

The Emotional Peace System – Master Your Emotions

Fortunately, after years of pain and anxiety,  studying and discovery, Melody has completed her Emotional Peace System that will teachthe Emotional Peace System_final file_11072014 you how to gain control over your emotions.  Her story is compelling, and you won’t want to miss this amazing breakthrough.   Click here to receive a FREE introduction to her system which will be the start of getting the winning edge over your emotions.                                                                        

Remember  this:
  • The journey is everything, not the destination.
  • The journey is far easier and more joyful if you learn to remove negative emotions.

To Your Abundance, and Joy, Bruce Haines

(Proud husband to the Founder of The Emotional Peace System, Melody Haines)

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