Network Marketing Success: Take Massive Action

WARNING:  This blog is not for those who can’t stop making excuses.  You’ve been warned!  

So many of those we talk to who see no success in their network marketing business are stuck in “research mode” and just feed anyone within ear shot a package of excuses for their failures.  The absolute biggest reason for their failure in network marketing is failing to act.  Massive action

But Bruce & Melody,  my network marketing website isn’t what I want it to look like… but Bruce & Melody, I’m not sure which network marketing product or program I want to sell or promote is….but Bruce & Melody, I just can’t find the time to work on network marketing…..but Bruce & Melody,  I have so much to complete – my network marketing blogs aren’t written, my network marketing videos aren’t done, I need those first….but Bruce & Melody, I can’t figure out how Face Book works for my network marketing business….but Bruce & Melody, right as I get into a network marketing business that seems to work, I find out that it takes a lot more research to do right…..but, but, but 

Please….People….EENNOOUUGGHH!!!! STOP IT!  

If you have come from a world of the the “non network marketing” world, let’s just call it the “9 to 5” world, you have been in the world of being given instructions, following certain rules, taking action when told to, etc.   Most jobs kill creativity and imagination.  Almost all of them don’t reward you for extra effort and putting out 110%.  They are just, well, JOBS…

You must change your thinking if you are in network marketing.  You are in business for yourself and no one is going to do for you what you can do for you.  You KNOW what to do – stop making excuses and just DO IT!

How do I do that guys?

You do it by making a network marketing plan of action.  Make a list of the things you aren’t getting to and just do it.

  • Write that blog & POST that blog (not enough to just write it!)
  • Make that video & (POST that video (not enough to just make it!)
  • Spend time reading about Facebook  Then, implement what you learn on your facebook page.
  • Spend time reading what experts who are successful in the business are doing. Then, implement what you learn through new action.
  • Just take massive action….

The amazing thing is you already know all this.  We don’t have to tell you what you already know.  You just have to take massive action if you want to experience network marketing success. 

The world is filled with dreamers and those who are going to make it big “when the time is right” or “when they have all the knowledge they need”, or when “all their ducks are in a row”, or “blah, blah, blah”….

Massive action, even if not perfect, is where we all eventually see the difference between success and failure in network marketing.  So what if it doesn’t work at first?  Stumble your way to success.  We’ve all been there and done that.

One key difference between you and someone who is successful in network marketing is simple –

They took action.

You didn’t.

We’ve beaten you the reader up in this blog, and if your feelings are hurt, so sorry, but you’ll either recognize the truth and take the action we’ve been saying in this blog, or go away and continue to wonder why you can’t make it in network marketing.

For those who recognize the truth as it relates to your network marketing success, come join us and let us help you with that action.  Learning how to take the right action quicker and with guidance is so much better than still stumbling around in the dark!

Well, we’re here holding the flashlight to network marketing success and all you have to do is follow the beam of light (and, of course, take massive action)!  Click on the button and let’s get going!

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Bruce Haines



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