Network Marketing Success Online – How Long Will It Take?

Are you wondering how long it will take on the Internet to build a successful network marketing business?

Good question.

The answer depends on what your network marketing goals you are shooting for in your network marketing business, but to cut to the bottom line we’ll assume you are in network marketing to make money.  For those of us who are professional network marketing business owners, our goal is to make a LOT of money.

NOTE:  This blog just barely scratches the surface of what it takes to be massively successful in an online network marketing business.  Use this one blog as a brief education of what the very basics will look like.  This is a ten thousand foot view of the STRATEGY of network marketing business online.  To actually DO IT, you’ll need a lot of TACTICS.  Learning a strategy can be done in a few minutes.  Learning the tactics take years to develop.

We’re also going to assume you are not building a network marketing business through “friends and family” (which we’ll refer to as F&F from here on out), where you are physically having meetings, making three-way calls, or talking to strangers in person.   This blog is directed to those who figured out that the Internet is the best vehicle for getting a network marketing business to thrive.

So, with those assumptions behind us, here is the answer to “How long will it take me to build a successful online network marketing business?

Anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, or longer, and that depends on a number of factors, and one caveat we’re identified.  It’s NEVER simple, is it?

OK:  Here’s the caveat:  online marketing is TOTALLY different than F&F “network marketing.”  F&F means you network with people, but an online network marketing business means you need to become a MARKETER.  Even though you are going to “network” on the Internet and build relationships in order to have anyone will trust you, you have to be a master of how to MARKET something to someone who you’ve never meant, and who may be five thousand miles away.  The difference between F&F “networking” and the online network marketing is REAL and you need to understand you are going to have to be much more savvy on MARKETING than NETWORKING in this new Internet world.

REMEMBER: The list you build is EVERYTHING and your ticket to massive residual income. build your listYour success at MARKETING will attract people to get on your list, and then you will market products to this list and even if just a tiny percentage buy, if you have a big enough list, the rewards can be huge.  For example, if you had a list of 25,000 people and you marketed an e-course for just $100 (to make the math easy!), and only 2% purchased that product, that would be 500 sales at $100.  Do the math – that is $50,000. To further expand that example, what if you had a product that was consumed every month, and it sold for only $30.  Those same 500 leads buying that product each month yields $15,000 a month.  Hmm…is this network marketing  business worth conquering and mastering?  Clearly, yes it is….

The other factors we mentioned are all “You” based.  How much time will YOU put into this?  What is YOUR work ethic (which we define as what you do in your business when no one is watching you)?  Work HardWhat excuses or lack of  excuses will YOU make if you are  not seeing the progress you want to  make?  Are YOU willing to go to  school and learn what it takes to be  successful at network marketing on  the Internet?

The key is YOU.  What YOU do will determine your success or failure.

OK, having stated those factors, here is the overall and general answer to how long it will take you to build a network marketing business on the Internet:

The First 6 months:  You are “going to school” to get the basics down.  In this phase, you LEARN about the terminology, understanding auto responders, capture pages, how to use them all, how everything works, etc.  You start to learn about social media marketing – Face Book, Linked In, Twitter.  You learn how to write an effective blog.   How fast will depend completely on your motivation, and work ethic.  Some people go faster, some slower, but remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint, so be patient.

Months 6-12:  In this phase you take ACTION, perform TESTING, and PRACTICE your growing skill base.  Now, you are committing more dollars to advertising – Face Book ads, pay-per-click advertising, practice doing some social media marketing, and if you are really serious about success, you’ll locate someone who can be a coach or mentor to you as your skills grow.


Aligning yourself with someone successful in your online network marketing business is critical to your growth – mistakes can be avoided and your progress can leap frog ahead quicker with assistance.  Finding someone who has gone where you want to go also sets you up for locating successful online professional network marketing business owners who you can joint venture (JV) on projects.   If you can find someone early on in your network marketing journey, and you can afford that person, GET THEM SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!  The time and money saved will be significant.

How can a coach help?  Here’s one example:  if you want to separate yourself from the rest of the pack in online network marketing, you need to be hosting and putting on regularly scheduled webinars covering products, or training for those in your business, etc.  So you have to ask yourself, how do I put on a webinar?  Where do I get that technology?  How do I advertise for it?  Having a coach who is an old hand at webinars helping you will answer all those questions and have you CONDUCTING webinars as opposed to just RESEARCHING about webinars.   Coaching saves time and helps you grow faster.


Now, if you’re saying to yourself – “A coach sounds expensive, I can’t afford it!” 

Hmm…maybe you can’t afford NOT to have a coach.  Without coaching or at least educating yourself with those who have built successful network marketing businesses, you will have to travel the long road alone, and the money you think “was expensive” on a coach will be a BARGAIN compared to the lost time and false starts, you will incur from not having help up front.

You know, the wealthy never ask how much is it going to cost me, they ask how much will I make?  They know that investing in themselves, in the form of education is not an expense, it’s an investment.  

Our recommendation is get an Internet coach!  It has made all the difference in our growth and income.  In fact, we’ve become such students of the business, we are now training others about how to build a network marketing business.  If you are interested, contact us and ask about our private coaching fees.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how modest they are.   Just put in your contact information your interest in getting coaching and we’ll contact you back.  

Months 12-24:  We’ll call this phase the PROFESSIONAL phase.  This is where you start to earn bigger money.  Once you’ve mastered all the details and are well versed in driving traffic and getting people to a page and having them join your list, now you can start to MASTER your process.

Here is where you “mine” your leads into BIG money.  Residual Income Brick WallNow in this phase,  you’ll concentrate on mastery  over specific network marketing  techniques and newer avenues  of earning (or more  significantly) COMMANDING    money to you (if you doubt you   can “command” money to you,  read this blog:  Your Network Marketing Success is Already Done.  

One final thought in this brief blog and on being successful in your network marketing business online:  Whatever you do, pick ONE THING that you can become a master at and GO MASTER IT.   

The essence of making money on-line is summarized in one sentence: 

You create a capture page, your drive traffic to it, you close your leads.  That’s it. 


Maybe you want to do Face Book ads.  Maybe you are concentrating on driving traffic to you through You Tube?  Maybe you’ve found that blogging for key ezine magazines is yielding excellent traffic, or maybe you have joint ventured with someone and that vehicle is doing great.  Whatever the case is, just find one area that you can specialize in and become a MASTER, and ride that mastery to network marketing success.

This is what MLMWildfire is all about – taking you by the hand and showing you how and what to do and help put tools in place to make that happen.

We have programs to help you if you are willing to GO TO WORK, we have a FREE WEBSITE and amazing content from Josh Cope, our coach and mentor.  Click here:  FREE WEBSITE AND HOURS OF FREE CONTENT.

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    Very Interesting! I read your blog and it’s very helpful for me because recently I am starting the network marketing. Thanks

    • mlmwildf

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      Glad you found it helpful. Good luck!

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