Network Marketing Success Means Give Value Away

Give high value away and build that trust between you and your visitors.  This leads to awareness, understanding, belief and action.

Below, we are taking content from Chapter 1 of our E-book MLMWildfire’s 12 Point Online Business & Blog Construction Essentials.  This chapter sets the stage for you being successful at network marketing by offering great value up front with no strings attached.  

Command Factor #1 – Give Value Away

In defining this very important Command Factor, we use a statement at MLMWildfire a LOT – it is from the late, great Zig Ziglar:

You Can Get Everything In Life You Want If You’ll Just Help
             Enough Other People Get What They Want

That pretty much sums up our philosophy and it is more than just a nice platitude.  It has a core of “you must do this” if your blog (and ultimately, your network marketing business) is to be successful.

(NOTE:  we’ll use the term “blog” to mean both a website and an article within a website as interchangeable words.  Almost universally, what is good or should be done with a written blog is also a “must do” for the web site too). 

If you fail to offer value up-front at NO CHARGE, you will be hard pressed to build the one thing that you absolutely must build between you and those who come to your site.  You have to build TRUST.

Trust is that magical bond we all value and rely on to do business between each other, but if trust is not established, or even worse, if trust is established and then broken, then business becomes very difficult to accomplish between two or more parties.Trust Triangle

This Trust Triangle graphically shows how trust is built.  Right now, a complete stranger searching on the internet who stumbles on your network marketing site is suddenly aware that you exist.  If you do your job right and your blogs are value-laden with free information that helps your prospect, they start to get an understanding of exactly what your network marketing business is all about.  Hopefully, that “something” is what they need and are willing to pay you for.

Before they ever get to a purchasing point, however, their understanding must move into a state of belief and they must see your site and you as being a network marketing business expert in what they need.

Belief of what you represent in your words takes time.  How much time  will depend on your abilities to communicate effectively and accurately so that their belief will ultimately grow to action which could be moving that prospect to your list, or if they are on your list, then moving that person to purchase your good or service.    

The Value Equation:  Awareness + Understanding + Belief = Action (Trust)


Think about this equation if money is on the line.

What if you landed on a site that had a service or product you were really looking for and that something was a thousand dollars?  You have no evidence that this product will do what they say it will do other than the words on their website.

Would you immediately give them a thousand dollars and hope for the best?

Of course not.  You will need additional time and words and more time and more words before you invest that kind of money into any product or service, let alone a product or service on some website you’ve never heard of.

Trust has to be earned.

The Amazon vs. EBay Trust Factor

Why is a consumer comfortable buying on  Clearly, time and experience has demonstrated that the buying experience on Amazon is safe, is comfortable, and is reliable.  The consumer trusts Amazon.

Now, ask the same question of EBay.  Is the level of trust as high as with Amazon?   In our experience on the Internet, we have made dozens of purchases from EBay, but hundreds from Amazon.

Why the huge difference?

There is that word again – trust.  You don’t always trust the EBay seller unless you see a very high satisfaction rating and a large number of transactions.  This is why the rating of a seller on EBay is so critical to your making a buying decision.  If you don’t see a high ranking, your trust level is not strong and you are less likely to purchase an EBay item.

Now, bring this discussion full circle and apply it to your network marketing website.  Why would someone purchase something on your website when they’ve never even heard of you?  You claim to have what the buyer is looking for.  You claim to be the value the buyer/visitor needs.

What will make them pull the trigger and purchase from YOU when they don’t know the track record of others who have purchased from you and there is no history of purchases shown that will make them trust you?

The answer is value.  You must overcome any consumer doubts and any lack of trust with value:

How do you get that trust? 
  • You get it over time, way in advance of them purchasing from you by offering valuable network marketing content about your service or product that can be found nowhere else. You do it by offering such clear value in information that you are constantly solving “pre-buying problems” in the mind of the consumer, so that when the time for them to need what you offer is a reality, they will trust you enough to buy from your site.Give it away
  • You get it by writing blogs and offering valuable network marketing content up-front so that everyone who reads your blogs will feel that what you say is true and they will trust you as a network marketing professional. This trust will ultimately empower them to take action and purchase from you with confidence.

Buying anything from a web location must have trust at its core – if the product does what it says it will do, that is optimum.  If that product, once purchased by someone at your website does not do what it is supposed to do, then the bond of trust needs to be there so they know you’ll either make it right, or return their money (within the boundaries you establish at the selling point). That is especially true when it comes to a network marketing site.  You not only have to overcome doubts about buying from an internet location, but the very controversy that sometimes accompanies any network marketing business or product is something that has to be minimized.  You do that by the value you offer up-front.

So, ask yourself this question:

  • What information can I write about that is related to my network marketing product or service that can be shared for free so that value is established with the reader?

Answer that question in your mind, then just write the blog and give that value away.  It all comes down to a willingness to:

Serve Others

A very important ingredient in this concept is your willingness to serve others.  This is not just a nice concept, it is the core of how you will be successful in not only your network marketing business, but in life too.

We’d like to use as a prime example someone we’ve been in business with for over a year now, who has as the cornerstone of his business “serving others.”

Josh Cope Defines Serving Others

When a good friend of ours approached us with a network marketing opportunity, we knew we had to build it online – we had tried the “old school” method years before and it was not a successful endeavor. We knew if we wanted a big business, we had to use the internet.  It just made such sense.

So our search began…

We spent months and months online digging, watching videos, listening to network marketing webinars from all sorts of businesses on the internet that were designed to help others build an online network marketing presence.

Through diligent work, we found Josh Cope and his “8 weeks to 10K challenge” through his site mymlmformula.
josh cope

Well again, being diligent consumers, we called and actually spoke to Josh in person.  Now, that is unusual in being able to reach an e-commerce business owner, but once we spoke with him at length, it became clear Josh was not like the average business owner.

It was clear Josh had a passion about helping others and he spoke not of himself (other than to demonstrate with facts that he was very successful) but of his desire to help as many as he could get a foothold on the internet with their businesses.  His sincerity was real.

What Josh said in that conversation caused us to immediately trust Josh.  We were actually ready to move into his paid program the first time we spoke, but Josh told us he didn’t want us to spend any money, but wanted us to wait a few days, attend one of his webinars to hear and see more, and have a conversation days later.

He wanted to make sure our intentions were sincere and we were not “looking to get rich” but build a solid network marketing business that would help others too.

That is what we did and the elusive “trust” nugget between us and Josh Cope was fixed firmly in place.  We talked to Josh several days later, and became actively involved in building our network marketing business with Josh.

That was almost a year ago, and the trust is even stronger and the belief in the business is rock-solid because Josh has done everything he said he would do and MORE.  He layered his approach with building a relationship with us and in offering huge value for the money we invested in his system.

How About You? 

Now, that is our story and it is true.

How about you?

A similar serving attitude and value is what you need to create for your prospects.  Value is critical and you have to “give it away” in information, in attention to the needs of those who come to you seeking advice.  You have to help others get what they want, and in turn, you will reap the rewards of that honest and value-driven assistance.

This means you have to build your network marketing blog with words of transparency.  That clear value and teaching those who are hungry for knowledge and for a way to do what you are already doing, will start the relationship off correctly.

A valuable blog will help someone other than you get ahead.  Anything else is just fluff and has no purpose being on your website.  Give information away for free.  If someone sees that you are walking the walk and not just talking the talk, they will come to you and will be willing to spend money down the road for even more value because you will have shown you are sincere about helping others.


Serving others should be your main “product.” 
The money you receive in return is simply a “by-product”
and will flow back to you in direct proportion
to how well you serve your customers.

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