Network Marketing Copywriting Formula Part 1 of 3

As a network marketing business owner, you must learn to turn your words into profits – that is the heart of successful “copywriting”.  It matters little if you have the greatest network marketing product or network marketing business in the entire world if the words you utilize to advertise and sell are flat and without the ability to have prospects open their wallets and spend money.

There have been masters of the sales letter through the years and we want to acknowledge that little of what we are teaching is “new” – it is emulated and copied from those who have gone before us – we are standing on their shoulders and happy to give credit where credit is due…

This blog discusses one such master of words – Dan S. Kennedy.  His book The Ultimate Sales Letter is a MUST READ and not just one time!  It has so much content, one will need to study and dissect it into minutia to get the most value from it’s hidden treasures. 

So, let’s look at only one “formula” that Dan writes about that is a proven winner, especially in overcoming a prospects “price objections”.

 Formula #1 – Problem – Agitation – Solution

This formula is built on this concept:

A network marketing prospect (or people in general) are more likely to act to avoid pain then to get gain.  

Part #1 – Define the customer’s problem

What's the ProblemOf paramount importance here is that you make no assumption of a problem your prospect knows they have or may not know they have.  A good sales letter makes no assumptions either way – it simple identifies a likely problem as the basis for offering a selling solution.

For example, one common network marketing business hurdle is teaching someone how to post a powerful video.  We teach that video presentations shows your prospects “who you really are” in visual and speaking clarity.  The written work can only go so far. 

So a myriad of problems with someone posting a video can run from poor or improper lighting, lousy equipment, poor presentation methods, bad content, no “call to action”, poor or non-existent links, well you see the problems are many.

In identifying a problem, all you are looking for is the prospects acknowledgement of that problem.  Something like this:

 When you post a network marketing video:  

  • Do you stumble on your words?  
  • Are you able to successfully convey your content in clear details for your prospects and down line?
  •  Do you constantly have to worry that your title is on target and best labeled for SEO purposes?
  • Do you look comfortable and at ease in your presentation, or like a deer caught in the headlights?  

Your goal is to identify the problem and have the prospect nod in agreement as he reads your summation of his or her problem.

Folks, copywriting skills need to be studied, and tested, tested, tested.  If you are not being counseled to test any ads you are running on the Internet, you will never know what works and what doesn’t work.

This first step in this proven formula is identifying and stating the problem for your prospect.

Look to Network Marketing Copywriting Formula Part 2 of 3 to continue to the next step:  Agitation.

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