Network Marketing Copywriting Formula Part 3 of 3


In  Network Marketing Copywriting Formula Part 2 of 3 of the formula we discussed from Dan S. Kennedy’s book The Ultimate Sales Letter , we discovered one of the formula’s that is used to explode your copy writing into effective motivation to action:

 Formula #1 – Problem – Agitation – Solution

After identifying the problem, then stirring our prospect up with calculated agitation, we have a network marketing prospect who could be mentally screaming for the solution, or fuming quietly that a solution HAS to be presented, and here is where you don’t disappoint!

Process #3: The Solution: 

At his critical point, you deftly produce the solution, the perfect answer, your product or service and the specifics of how your solution will work the magic for your network marketing prospect in driving out that nasty problem.

Done correctly, a network marketing sale, or perhaps converting a network marketing prospect to be a new distributor is the result.

Stacked Sales

Remember something critical in your solution – you MUST BRING VALUE and want your network marketing prospect to know this solution is THE solution.  How do you do that?

The Solution Must Have Value! Value

  • If you are selling a network marketing consultative product, know your craft.  Pretty simple – just be an expert at what you do and then provide maximum network marketing value.  Now is not the time to be “inventing” that value – you better have it complete and ready to go!

  • If this is a retail network marketing product, know everything about it for example, the number of calories, fat content, weight, how long it lasts, how it should be cleaned, and make sure any “guarantee” is clearly spelled out and easy to understand.
  • If this is bringing on line a new network marketing distributor to your down line be immediately prepared to start that business owner by mentoring and teaching and do everything possible to duplicate that person as rapidly as possible.
  • Continue to build a relationship with your network marketing customers.  They have to know you are not just “selling” them something.  They have to know you want a long-term network marketing business relationship so that future problems can be solved by what you have.

Are you one of countless distributors or network marketing business owners who is failing?  Maybe just not getting the network marketing success you know is possible?  This short three part description of sound copywriting strategies should help.  If you just are not seeing success in network marketing as you envisioned, click on the FREE Blue Print for success button below, and.or click on the Contact Us button and we’ll explore together how your network marketing business grow like Wildfire.  After all, it follows with our slogan:

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