Network Marketing Copywriting Formula Part 2 of 3

In Network Marketing Copywriting Formula Part 1 of 3 of the formula we discussed from Dan S. Kennedy’s book The Ultimate Sales Letter , we discovered one of the formula’s that is used to explode your copywriting into effective motivation to action:

 Formula #1 – Problem – Agitation – Solution

The first step is to identify and write about a “problem” that your prospect can relate to and remember, the problem may or may not exist for your prospects, but by effectively identifying a situation that needs a solution, the seed is planted in the prospect’s mind.

Next, we need to “agitate” the prospect to take action.

Process #2 – Agitation:

To do this, we need to put emotion into the mix.  To evoke the correct agitation, we need to tap into the fear, anger, guilt, embarrassment – anything that can be felt by the prospect so that the end result is than the worse outcome he or she can image!  As Dan Kennedy put it:

Sales Fear

We want to make the problem larger than life, worse than death.  

What would such copy look like?  Well, what do you think of this:

Are you part of the frustrated, disappointed and angry network marketing business owners who has tossed hundreds (maybe thousands?) of dollars into your network marketing business by buying the business products religiously, attending all the conferences at a huge cost including driving, flying, meals and lodging, and have absolutely NO new growth, and NO money to show for it?  In fact, you are in the hole just like everyone said you would be!  

Do you know any network marketing business owner who fit this agitated state?  Is it you?  What is the conclusion of having stirred up this agitation?  

Look to Network Marketing Copywriting Formula Part 3 of 3 to continue to the next step:  Solution. To learn more about our teaching and how to make your network marketing business succeed, please click below and sign up for our free gift to you that will absolutely explode your network marketing business and go to our website to register for more gifts and content. At, we believe you can get everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want..  

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