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Since network marketing business success depends greatly on the energy you put into it, the smart entrepreneur consciously focuses all their available positively motivated energy into the daily tasks involved in network marketing business success, and they do so with a passion! But what happens when you suddenly find you just don’t have enough energy to keep pushing through to network marketing business success, even though you’re usually positively motivated and energized and productive? Do you ever wonder why that is, and do you notice that when that happens, the effect is that you also feel guilty about what you’re not accomplishing, on top of the other feelings of inadequacy and insecurity? It’s compounded guilt, like compounded interest. And it’s keeping you from network marketing business success.

Well, I’ll tell you what’s going on here. We all have both personal and business issues in life (and they can be past or present events or even future imaginings) that drain our energy, and these issues drain our energy unconsciously. Until you look at this issue, your mind is tricking you and holding you back from complete success. It uses excuses that seem reasonable like “I have a headache,” “I’m exhausted,” “just one more TV show and then I’ll get to that blog.” It effects all areas of your life and it is exactly why you have not yet reached that network marketing business success you’ve been reaching for.

energy drain guy bent overWhen you do listen to your mind’s excuses, and decide to do something else with your time besides productive money-making activities for network marketing business success, my advice is to pay close attention to the thoughts of guilt that continue to drain your energy, not allowing you to even really relax and re-charge so you can effectively get back to your network marketing business success.

But Melody, I can hear you saying, “If I pay attention to those guilt feelings, won’t I just feel worse?” And I tell you “no, absolutely not. It’s counter-intuitive, really.”

If you look your thoughts and feelings square in the eye, they lose their power over you.

It’s when you push them away and aren’t paying attention the way most people do, that they unconsciously gain more and more power over you and greatly reduce your quality of life, including your network marketing business success.

We help people with the “how to” and “done for you” template type system for their network marketing business success, but what we offer has little meaning if you don’t apply yourself and actually learn what we teach, set your own goals and follow through on them. Especially if you want to earn the kind of money leaders earn, you must do all this with full confidence that your authentic self is worthy and deserving of the success you desire. It’s as much a part of network marketing business success as blog-writing and updating social media consistently.

Bruce & I have both been challenged over our lifetimes, just as each of you have. Every one of us each have our own individual physical, emotional, and psychological patterns which we’ll call our life situations. Some of us seem to be more challenged than others, and some of us are married to or partnered with people who seem to be physically and/or emotionally challenged more than most. But that doesn’t deny the fact that whatever your challenges are, they are difficult to put aside so that you can focus on network marketing business success. What’s a little known fact is they are even more difficult to put aside if we deny what our challenges are, and what we have to learn from them.

When our daughter was a pre-teen, we promised her we’d have network marketing business success, and we told her we were sacrificing things like vacations now so that we could have everything we wanted later. At that time we were still doing it the old fashioned, non-internet way, so it didn’t turn out so well, and even now I have quite a bit of guilt in that area. We even had her go through magazines with us and pull out pictures for our dream-building journals, so that we could all visualize the luxurious lifestyle and success we were all about to enjoy. We built up her hopes as we did our own, and it felt like we let her down at that time.

We did this because we really believed we would have network marketing business success. It didn’t happen until years after she left home that we realized the internet was the way to go for network marketing business success, so all the things we promised her and all the times we missed out on being with her while we were at conventions really hurts when I think about them now. But noticing this guilt and pain and letting it go not only allows me to focus on network marketing business success, but it also makes all the people you love and care about feel your peace instead of your tension.

Energy from one person to another

This is just one of many examples from my life, and it’s representative of the stories of my family, friends and clients. As human beings we are pre-disposed to judge ourselves and “let the past eat our lunch,” so to speak. It’s being unconscious about these issues, whatever they are in your own personal life, that’s the most detrimental to your success. Try to notice the thoughts and feelings inside your own mind, and don’t be afraid to face them. Because facing those thoughts and feelings does not increase their power over you, it allows you to let go of what’s unconsciously draining your energy, so you can begin to take your power back and have true network marketing business success.

I can help you conquer those thoughts and feelings of guilt or regret – in fact, it’s what I’ve done for years before we were involved with network marketing and continue today thorough my Emotional Peace System. which teaches you (along with a lot of other tools for your emotional well-being) how to look these feelings in the eye and “get your power back”.

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