Network Marketing Business Success – Balance is Critical

MLM Network Marketing Success is about balancing your network marketing business and related activities, your job, your children, and your spouse or partner.  Each area requires communication in special ways.  How you juggle those most important in your life is key to not only your family and job success, but your network marketing success.

Why is it that most of the network marketing video’s we post, especially our Hot Spot Video’s, have, as their network marketing success content, topics like attitude, heart, desire, balance, communication, work ethic, etc? Think that is a coincidence?

Certainly not.  Your ability to maintaining balance in all that you do is very important to achieving network marketing success and that not only applies to life in general, but even more so on your way to network marketing success.  So, with these relationship issues, there is a lot to work on and balance:

  • Relationships with your upline.
  • Relationships with your downline
  • Relationships with your partner or spouse.
  • Relationships with your children.
  • Relationships on the job.
  • Relationships with your friends

So, let’s look at some of the network marketing business pressures that can find you “unbalanced” and what we can do about that:

1) The Part-Time Dilemma – Your Full-Time Job vs. Your Network Marketing Business 

Most people build a network marketing business on a part-time basis because most everyone still has to maintain a job until (or if) their network marketing business gains enough momentum to spin off high enough residual income to support their family.  When we were in the Amway business years ago (many years prior to our Internet network marketing business), we had a lot of late nights (I know you can relate!), and this caused some sleep challenges, and subsequent energy issues the next day on the job.  Don't quit your job yetYes, we eventually got better at less sleep, but you have to learn the limitations of when to say “enough” for a night on the network marketing business building efforts, so that you can get the rest needed for the job you still have to maintain which pays the bills.

Be mindful of that balancing dilemma and keep a reasonable sleep schedule in place so you are fresh for both activities – job performance for your employer, and network marketing business activities for your network marketing business outside of your work hours.

Let’s be clear about one point:  when you are working at your job, don’t steal time to work on your network marketing business unless it is on a break or lunch – a phone call here and there that does not abuse your work down time is acceptable (leave the building for privacy), but remember you owe your employer total work focus when you are on the job and mixing network marketing business activities on the job is in essence “stealing” from your employer.  Don’t do it.  You know right from wrong – just do what is right.  Enough said.

2) Creating Balance with Your Family

Juggling family and children is a hard and delicate balancing act when you are trying to also build a network marketing business.  It demands you focus on network marketing business activities when you may not feel the energy to do so, but more importantly it means you must communicate with your spouse or partner and your children about what you are doing in your network marketing business and how you want to make sure and schedule that activity around being with them too.  Dinner timeYou’ll want to remind them that you are building this network marketing business for the benefit of all of you as a family unit, with the goal being to gain that financial freedom so that you can spend even MORE quality time pursuing more enjoyable family time.

We have a series of “hot spot videos” that are designed to be 60 second tips on maintaining the Life-Work-Family-Network-Marketing -Business balance. Below are a handful of those Hot Spot Video tips we know you’ll find helpful in maintaining balance.  Each are under a minute – pop them open, get inspired, then come back to continue reading:

Hot Spot Tip:  Do Something For Yourself Every Day

Hot Spot Tips:  Give Thanks 2 Times A Day

Hot Spot Tip:  Cook At Least One Meal a Week With Your Family

Take it from someone who has to constantly watch himself (Bruce) to insure that balance in life is maintained – he can be just buried in our network marketing business and neglect these balance principles, but when he comes back “to center” by following the advice we offer in this blog, we run more smoothly and efficiently.  Balance is important – don’t minimize it, but work at it constantly.

3) The Children Factor – What do you do to Include Them?

If you are reading this and are trying to construct a network marketing business and your significant other is not on board, that is a whole world of emotions and challenges that could be very detrimental to your network marketing success, and to your relationship with your spouse or partner. Remember too, if you are off building a network marketing business and you have children, this is an entirely new layer of sensitivity and concern you MUST be aware of due to the myriad of swirling emotions as a family.  Look carefully at these issues:

  1. When you are away from the house on network marketing business tasks, is your spouse or partner the “baby sitter” and is that a hardship more often than not?
  2.  Are your children resentful of the time you spend building your network marketing business because that is time you are not spending with them?
  3. Do you even know if your children are resentful?  How do you find out?  Ask them!
  4. The age of the children can be a huge factor here – are they toddlers, are they pre-teen, are they teenagers?  How do you come to grips with dealing with each age group?

Each of these age issues comes armed with a new set of challenges, and you need to remember those feelings from your partner and children need to be actively worked on when you are with them to helpParent and Kids them understand the network marketing business takes time and you need their support because you are building a network marketing business for their benefit too (they may not perceive it that way depending on the hours and money being spent).

Here are some suggestions to keep peace and harmony and balance concerning these issues:

1)       Include your children in as much network marketing business activities as possible, given their school and work schedules.  Don’t “force” participation, just let them know their opinion and input is always valuable anytime.

2)      If nothing else, be on the same page with your spouse/partner on what each of you is saying to the children when one of you is not there.  A unified front is absolutely required (as any parent will know!), but make sure you are openly talking with your spouse/partner so that this line of communication is on the same wave length.

3)      You have technology as your ally, so use it!  Text your kids regularly if you are away on network marketing business, or twitter direct messages to them if you are at an event, letting them share in your excitement and passion for the business. Take a few minutes during your activity to keep them posted.  It makes a difference.

4)      Try and participate in school activities and those activities as priority over your network marketing business – just let your down line know that is a priority in your life and then lead by example.  Attend as many school activities as you can.

4) Building your MLM “Alone” (aka, Your Spouse or Partner is Not On Board!)

Well, in all honestly everyone, both Melody and I have “been there, done that” with each of our respective first spouse (this is the second marriage for each of us)!  Well, how do you survive and thrive in both the network marketing business  world and in your world as a family?  We think it boils down to these steps:

Spouses fighting

1)  Communicate Openly.  Sure, this would seem to be a simple task even for someone not building a network marketing business, but as with most relationships, communication breakdown leads to relationship breakdowns so nothing new in this advice!  Remember, however, during the hours spent by one of you “working the business”, that means your spouse or partner is spending that same time doing another task or tasks and might very well be resentful of those times, especially if the partner building the business is enjoying that process, and the partner not involved in that activity is bored, upset, or not enjoying that time apart simply because it would have been time spent together doing something together as a couple.

While the optimum situation would be to have both of you building the business, it can be  done by yourself.   It takes more patience, more open discussion about schedules, and the toughest nut of all – how much money is being spent on the network marketing business and how is that “reconciled” with your spouse or partner?

2) Focus on something together that is outside the network marketing business that both of you enjoy and make a concerted effort to maximize that activity so that you are both enjoying something together.  Could be a hobby, could be activity that involves the children, just make sure you are putting an emphasis and originate that activity instead of constantly trying to do “something else” in the network marketing business.  Remember, it is all about BALANCE, and if you are too emotionally attached to the network marketing business, we would think you need to re-focus and be more emotionally attached to your spouse or partner.

3)  Be honest about your MLM Results.  By this, we mean just what we said.  If things are not going well, even if that is a difficult discussion on your part, keep your spouse or partner up-to-speed so that their expectations can be managed.  If you say nothing and things are not going well, they may have the impression you are rocking the daylights out of the network marketing business, and if that is not the case, you want them to know that.  On the other hand, if you really ARE knocking the daylights out of the network marketing business, and commissions are starting to be substantial, we highly doubt you won’t be sharing that great network marketing success news as fast as you can!  Our experience shows the one sure-fire way to bring the other spouse or partner into embracing the network marketing business is to see massive network marketing success in the form of MONEY!           

Balance is the key:  Elephant on BB

Balance in your life includes all things “non network marketing business” items and “all things network marketing business” things.  Just remember to be thankful that you have the opportunity to build a network marketing business that will set your family free (if you build it as a professional with the right technology and guidance), and that everything you do is another step towards that network marketing success.

It won’t be a perfectly smooth road; you’ll have to navigate around some deep pot holes and detours, but along the way, your will grow and learn to deal with adversity in your network marketing experience, and come out the other end with network marketing success which we define as massive residual income.  Residual income will allow you financial freedom to put other things into your life – time with family being the biggie for most people, which is why you have to master balance as you build the business so you understand and will have mastered balance when you arrive at that network marketing success.

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