MLM/Network Marketing Success Demands Effective Organization

I recently re-read my post called “Does Your Network Marketing Business Have Focus?”, and I realized I need to listen more to my own advice, and expand on it some more for myself as well as for you.

That’s happened to me before, and it will again. We’re all tapped into Source Energy, so we have access to whatever guidance we need exactly when we need it, we just have to consciously tap in and listen.

The how to of doing that is what I’ve been learning and teaching for years as a meditation coach and Emotional Peace teacher, and I’ve always found my job to be largely a product of teaching clients to hear their own inner guidance. I’m passionate about that, especially because to me it proves that on some level, we are indeed all connected and part of each other!

Whenever I’ve written a newsletter, like years ago when I was writing one for my Emotional Peace students, my writing has always perfectly mirrored my own life.

So in my last post about giving your network marketing business focus, I suggested that you make two lists, to do a mind dump of all your “Things To Do – Personal,” and “Things To Do – Network Marketing Business.” I did it myself just before writing that network marketing business blog, and I learned (or relearned) a few things in the process.

First of all, it’s a never-ending process, but a helpful one, and a great reality check. It’s very helpful to your network marketing business progress to continuously use the lists, to cross things off and add things, as well as to keep an additional third list, a checklist of things you need to do for your network marketing business daily.

Keep that 3rd list, the checklist, especially handy, loaded with things to do like blogging, sending out autoresponders, building relationships, checking your SEO, article marketing, setting up your backlinks, researching your competition, training with your coach or reading a variety of coaches’ blogs and free training, germinating and creating campaigns and launches, etc. Then make it a priority to do “X” number of things on that checklist every single day, and make sure you balance it all out so all gets done.

checklist with red pencil

As our lives and businesses change, these lists do change and grow, and we must realize that there are sometimes going to be things we’d like to do that we may never get done! That’s not pessimistic, it’s realistic. There is no such thing as perfection, and there is something very real called perfection paralysis which can keep us from acting on our network marketing business, that stand in the way of the massive action that all the great coaches are always telling us to take. So you must be very clear in what money making actions you absolutely must take to assure that your network marketing business flourishes.

Of course, if one of the nagging things on either of your lists is something you just can’t get to and it’s bothering you that it isn’t getting done, then the best part of the business is the increasing financial freedom that will allow you to pay someone else to do it! In my case, my first thing on that list was getting someone else to clean the house. So make a list of things you aspire to hire someone else to do, and in the meantime, just do the best you can and let it go.

Also, it’s nearly impossible to totally separate and perfectly prioritize your network marketing business from your personal life, they’re intertwined, and they both need to be balanced.  That’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that you are who you are, and both your prospects and partners in the network marketing business are the people who are attracted to who you are naturally, those who can relate to your authentic self. So be yourself, be genuine, and keep your goals in front of you.

Make all 3 of those lists and use them: “Things To Do – Personal,” and “Things To Do – Network Marketing Business,” and your checklist of things that must be done regularly to succeed in your network marketing business. You’ll be glad you did!

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