MLM Success Training: Turn Mistakes Into Huge MLM Success!

Sometimes, the “screw-up” can be turned into a masterpiece of teaching and I believe that is what happened with the video, below. so I’ve posted most of the video description as a quick blog, but don’t miss the message – it will make your business EXPLODE!   Here is what I said:

WOW, this error-ridden video is now my standard for proving you don’t have to be perfect to make it in your MLM business!   The message is simple – regardless of what is going wrong, just DON’T GIVE UP! By the way, I did not plan this video to be the little disaster it was when I made it – I really COULD NOT get this done correctly. So, I decided it would be one of the best videos EVER and brother, we make a LOT of videos!

Here is that video:  

First, if you are watching this video, I am testing it to see where it ends up in the rankings of You Tube and of Google (both Web and the Video section). I’m also testing this video to see how many people actually read this full description box. And now, so that you are totally BLOWN AWAY, I’m tell you that I’m putting in only ONE TAG: MLM Success Training. That’s it!

Why am I telling you this and doing all of this? Two primary reasons:

1) I am a leader in network marketing training and I teach that you have to TEST, TEST and TEST to see what works and what doesn’t. When I first made this quick video, it was part of my series of “less than 60 second” videos I call “Hot Spot Videos” – Hot Spot being a “spin-off” of the idea of Wildfire (we ARE, after all,, so these small tips are designed to be fast, fun and teach without getting too HEAVY. This particular day, I think I had made a dozen or more videos (you can see all the currently completed and posted videos at our playlist in our You Tube Glossary at our website:

2) I’m telling you all the details because if you are in network marketing and think everyone is out to feather their own nests, well I wanted to be totally transparent, pull back the curtain (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain) Wizard of OZand let you see that we believe that (a) you can get anything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want, and (b) the Internet “pot of gold” is SO immense and SO vast, I’ll describe it as INFINITE, so with the much treasure just waiting for those ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGE to pluck it off the tree of plenty, why WOULDN’T I share these details with you! What do all the other trainers and MLM’rs have to be afraid of!?!

My point is, there are ENDLESS LEADS and ENDLESS PROFITS for EVERYONE! At our website, Melody and I are just having so much fun helping, teaching, sharing, brain-storming, laughing, shaking our heads, trying something new, testing, writing blogs, making videos, well, just BEING and DOING network marketing, that you know (and this is the TRUTH), we really don’t concentrate on the money we make because we know it is a normal and natural by-product of all the activities I just described.

Now, if you like the tone of my message and believe you NEED HELP in your online network marketing business, or if you are stuck in the “family and friend warm list world” and have run out of people to talk to and are wondering “what do I do now to grow my business?”, then LISTEN UP! mlm list making frustrationMelody and I did that world for a LONG TIME and never saw success. Then, our research found a young Internet guru who is making a TON of money every month, and has been our personal coach and suddenly, we GET IT, and are making money too!

So why can’t you make money too?! Well, YOU CAN!

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And now, I’m going to take another “unexpected” action. I’m going to put more characters in this video description box, again, teaching you something you may not have known: You Tube uses a totally different type of SEO algorthim and ENCOURAGES all video’s to completely use all 5,000 characters in the description box. Why?  Well, they love their videos to be seen by everyone and as Google owns You Tube, it makes sense to use all of the space they say to use, as that has a direct impact on where your video ends up. There are other specific techniques we teach about concerning You Tube and Google and Face Book and on and on…you get the drift!  So, come join us and grab some of that INFINITE GOLD called residual income!

Let the sharing be complete. Come join us at and watch your business grow like WILDFIRE!

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