MLM Network Marketing Training Success – Get a Coach!

Why get an MLM or network marketing coach?  Just like anything in life, it is a way to speed up your learning curve about network marketing and get results faster.

Think about any learning process – the chart below is pretty simple, but hits the mark:

learning process 1Think about your life experiences – from simple to hard –  and ask yourself how long it would have taken you to achieve these things without coaching help:

  • drive a car
  • cook food
  • balance your checkbook
  • take care of a pet
  • catch fish
  • clean fish!
  • be a good gardener
  • take tests effectively
  • fill in a tax return
  • learn anything academic – math, English, etc. without a teacher
  • do the current job you are in
  • be a successful parent
  • be a good spouse

Yes, some of these items are always labeled a “work in progress”, but the point is none of these tasks could be accomplished if someone did not take the time to help you, to teach you, to guide you, to show you how to do them and cut out false starts, steps to avoid completely, and steps to continue to do until you become competent at the task at hand.

Why should it be any different for how to run a network marketing or MLM business?  

Aligning yourself with someone successful in your online network marketing business is critical to your growth – mistakes can be avoided and your progress can leap frog ahead quicker with assistance.

How can a network marketing coach help?

Well, be honest with yourself and if you don’t know the answers to any of the questions below, or are uncertain of that answer, you probably need help!:  


  • How many times do I send a personal auto responder message to those on my list?
  • How do I get my auto responder to be formatted correctly for all the different platforms – AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. (did you know your messages can look terrible if you don’t know the correct HTML code to use)?
  • How do I write my auto responder message to those on my network marketing list so that it doesn’t end up in the spam folder?
  • What type of Facebook ad is best – “Boost Post” or “Advertising for Likes”?  What’s the difference between the two?
  • How many blogs do I need to be writing each week?
  • mlm steps signpostWhich is the best keyword research tool to use?
  • What percentage of my network marketing blog needs to be rich in keyword phrases?  Can it be too low or too high, and what happens then?
  • When is the best time to put on a  network marketing webinar?  Which webinar platform is best and what features do I need to be effective?
  • What is the most effective MLM capture page format?  Where do I get a good capture page?
  • How do I add closed captions to my You Tube videos, and why does that give me an edge over someone who doesn’t use closed captions?
  • Should I create a You Tube channel trailer?  Does this do me any good?
  • In testing ads, how long does it take to know what is effective?
  • Which copywriting books will help me become a great marketer?
  • How do I successfully launch a new product to my list, and how often do I launch something new?

If you read that list and didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, we’ll just say you must know these answers, and if you didn’t even know you should be asking those questions, then you, my friend, should consider getting an MLM or network marketing coach.   That list is only a small fraction of questions you need to know the answers to!

Now, if you’re saying to yourself – “A network marketing coach sounds expensive, I can’t afford it!”

Hmm…maybe you can’t afford NOT to have a network marketing coach. Without network marketing coaching or at least educating yourself with those who have built successful network marketing businesses, you will have to travel the long road alone, and the money you think “was expensive” on a network marketing coach will be a BARGAIN compared to the lost time and false starts, you will incur from not having help up front.

You know, the wealthy never ask how much is it going to cost me, they ask how much will I make? talent vs expenseThey know that investing in themselves, in the form of education is not an expense, it’s an investment.

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?  
  • 1)  Are you sick and tired of no growth in your Internet online network marketing business? 
  • 2)  Are you completely lost on where to start to grow an online MLM business?
  • 3)  Do you believe, we mean REALLY BELIEVE in yourself and that you can grow a network marketing business, but have been unable to move forward, unable to get motivated, unable to get any momentum at all?  
  • 4)  Have you read about others who just seem to rocket forward in their online business and wonder why it can’t be you?  
If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, consider getting help.  Consider getting a network marketing coach.  

Having a network marketing coach has made all the difference in our growth and income and we highly recommend this as a critical step in your becoming a network marketing professional.  

So, where do you go to get a network marketing coach you can trust?

You’ve already found one – this is what we do at  If you’ve read this entire blog and then gone out and looked at the other blogs on network marketing training, and our words hit home and you found yourself nodding your head about what we say, then you have located your network marketing coach and we are honored to assist you!

We go by this precept:  

“You can get everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want..”


You’ll start with FREE content aplenty!  Read our blogs which are full of great content.

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