MLM Network Marketing Training: Mastering You Tube Basics

When you produce a network marketing video and post it to You Tube, to get the greatest possible ranking, you need to make sure these components are in the video:

1) A meaningful and thought out network marketing title as to content and SEO power.  You Tube will allow 99 characters in a video title and will show all of them in a You Tube search.  However Google will only allow 60 characters from any video to show when it posts a video in response to a general  Google search. Poor Headline Think of your video as a “visual article” and keep that in mind when you put the title together (see sign to the left!).  Remember also, the balance of words as to content and SEO relevance is important.  Use as many network marketing keywords as you can in the title to make sure the resulting algorithms from Google and You Tube put your video up as high as possible. 

2)  Think like a MARKETER – The intent is to grab the reader and wants to make him or her view the video, so not only does the SEO content need to be correct, but using words that will pull the reader in is the intent.  You can purposely use “Secret”, or “Tip”, of any of a long list of words to convey something of worth, but the truth of the matter is you need to constantly be trying, testing and using words that result in views.  marketingOne of the hardest parts of any MLM business owner is to become a master of copywriting.  Keep at it, and if something is not pulling views, change the title as many times as you need to until you become effective at it. 

Remember, if you change a title on a video, it will take some time before the Google algorithms catch up to that title, so be patient.  Also, if you change the title and adjust any of the SEO intended words, you may need to adjust the tags associated with the video, or even alter part of the description box to bring harmony from the title to the description.

3)  Use the description box to its maximum SEO advantage. You Tube allows 5,000 characters in this box and most smart network marketing video contributors know this and use all of this space.  WHY?  Well, Google owns You Tube is driven by exposure to keywords from all over the globe.  So, the more written content the Google algorithm can “see” in the You Tube” content, the better and more likely the video will be ranked over someone who ignores this description box treasure chest!

Remember, Google is constantly advertising on all their posts, including You Tube videos, so they want massive and extensive exposure to all the ads being run, and they do that by pulling from content at all times, so your content needs to fit that model – it’s kind of like manure – it’s worthless unless you spread it around!  Try to use ALL 5,000 characters in the description box that accompanies each video.

A portion of the description box is shown below (highlighted in yellow highlight):


You will note this descriptions box expands by dragging the lower right corner so you can see and write in the box.

4)   Keep the content of the description box as SEO rich as possible, using keyword or keyword phrases you want to be emphasized.  Network marketing is all about content (again, this will be obvious to those who already know this), but this content is constructed to SEOmaximize the keywords you are trying to “single out” for SEO, so that your network marketing blog or video is ranked high in Google or You Tube.

This is why, as you read this network marketing related blog on SEO impact, you are going to see the words “network marketing” and “SEO” more than if I was writing this network marketing blog in a world that didn’t care about network marketing, or SEO – the point is I am using those keywords  – network marketing and SEO – as often as I can so that the Google and You Tube  algorithms find this article is rich in the terms network marketing and SEO, and rank it higher than other network marketing or SEO content and get someone who is searching for network marketing or SEO to have this blog be a top choice.  By the way, I used SEO eight times in this paragraph!

For example, by making this blog rich in the keywords network marketing and SEO, this blog will be exposed to more network marketing interested prospects who will read the blog (thank you!), offer comments (please do) and then opt-in to our many gifts and free content so they can let MLMWildfire help grow their business.  

” The same principle holds to the video title, description and tags on any video you post to You Tube.  The content needs to be SEO rich and written as a MARKETER at all times” 

5)  Utilize Closed Captions – ALWAYS!  I’m not going to demonstrate how to do closed captions here, but remember closed captions are WRITTEN WORDS, so actually, if you are planning your video content carefully, you’ll sprinkle in your keywords and phrases right into the video you are making so that when you do add the closed captions, those written words also become “fair game” to the algorithms Goggle and You Tube use and that means more recognition and therefore more “upward” SEO rankings.

6)  Use Annotations with calls to action.   Again, not going to go into extreme details, but use the annotations at your disposal for literally putting annotation links to your website or You Tube channel, or any number of places that you want your reader to be transported to.  If you’ve never seen what they look like, here is a snapshot of an annotations (the green box):



7) Effective use of tags – Clearly, you need to be putting correct tags to capture any variation of search phrases someone might use to see your video.  Here is where your SEO knowledge and skills will come to bear. Use various combinations of a phrase or title you want others to be searching on.  For example, if this was the title:  MLM Network Marketing Training Tips: Be Positive.., I would put in tags like this:   mlm, mlm network marketing, mlm training, mlm training tips, network marketing, network marketing training, network marketing training tips, training, training tips, marketing training tips, be positive, network marketing positive, mlm positive, mlm tips, positive training tips, positive mlm training tips, positive network marketing training tips.

Certainly, everyone will do tags differently, but the point is get a wide variety and combination of the topic so SEO takes over, and others can find your videos.

So, those are the “guts” of how to post a good, SEO strong You Tube video. Just make sure your videos cover these basics and you’ll get a good You Tube posting.

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