Mindfulness and Network Marketing

As network marketing professionals, your ability to utilize your mental edge and to be the master of your emotions is a key to success most network marketing business owners just don’t understand.  In life and in network marketing, you must rely on your ability to relate to others, to categorize and keep clear in your mind just exactly what you are doing in your network marketing activities, that it is something we have zeroed in on at mlmwildfire.com.  Emotions.  Attitude.  Mindfulness.

Huh?  What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be defined very simply as “being aware, moment to moment, of whatever you’re experiencing, without judging it.” This deceptively simple definition fails to convey adequately, however, both how challenging this can be, on the one hand, and its enormous potential power on the other.  Definition Source: Network Marketing and Mindfulness Training – Four Ways It Can Increase Your Success.mindfulness2

What is most significant about mindfulness is the end product it can provide which is peace and fulfillment in the moment, or in “the now”. Anyone who has done any bit of research in mental awareness understands that to “be in the now” is one of the cornerstones to mindfulness and the results it can provide in your life.  Still not certain what mindfulness is?

Here is an analogy that will clear it up for you:

You are on vacation in the mountains and it is cold.  In the cabin is a wood-burning stove that requires wood to create the heat you need to remain comfortable during the night.  The problem is you have a pile of wood out in the yard that needs chopping to fit into the stove.  Someone who would approach cutting the wood  without mindfulness might see this job as a huge and hard task – bundling up in clothes, swinging the ax again and again, picking up the pieces of wood, stacking it near the door, then using it sparingly so you don’t have to repeat the process of going outside and cutting the wood, etc.. In other words, it is a massive chore you don’t relish.

chopping wood

Someone who approaches this task with mindfulness might take this approach:  The tactile experience of the scarf as it wraps warmly around your neck and it’s semi-coarseness against your skin you find is pleasing, even though a few minutes later as you are sweating in cutting the wood, it is starting to be hot and irritating, another feeling you accept with no judgment of it being “bad, or hot”, but  instead, “interesting” as to how it is adapting to the situation you put it through as you cut wood.

Likewise, the power of the ax in your hand as you swing it and the abrupt shock through your shoulders and hands as it splits the wood you find as interesting and “experiential” as it can be – perhaps even pleasurable.  You are not thinking about the heat in your clothes getting uncomfortable.  You are not thinking about finishing and how it will be to get inside and relax.  You are not thinking about yesterday’s meeting that did not go well.  You are not thinking about what to eat for tomorrow.  You are in the moment and concentrating on each blow to the wood, each swing of the ax in the air, the feeling on your face as the snow is coming down, the sound of the wood as it splinters.  You are concentrating on picking up each piece of un-chopped wood, of your aim as the ax swings, as the resulting sound as you “thwack” your firewood.  You are “in the now”.   If your mind wanders and does come “off task”, you make no judgment of that derivation – you note it with no condemnation, and return to the task of simply cutting wood.  You are being mindful.

How Mindfulness Can Be Critical in Network Marketing

So let’s relate that to how that can benefit your network marketing business.  Writing that network marketing blog that you just didn’t have the inspiration or energy to create now becomes a present-moment activity that is filling your senses so all you experience is the production of the blog.  Looking up the images.  The touch of the keyboard as you produce each word.  Proof reading for errors. Adjusting a few words, here and there.  Sending emails to those you want to share the blog with.  Being in the present can be rewarding for itself.

Mindfulness is a source of self-control as you talk to anyone in your network marketing business who may be difficult to deal with. Instead of focusing on the desired results, focus instead on the actual words, on listening, of providing the right network marketing leadership in the moment.  Results are a by-product of mindfulness thinking and of mastering your emotions.  Network marketing is nothing but focused energy into helping others “in the now”.


Take your eyes and ears and senses off of anticipated network marketing results and concentrate on doing something now and doing that something as cleanly and thoughtfully as possible in the instants you are doing that something.  After all, an instant is followed by another instant and another and another and a whole string of “instants in the now” creates a few minutes, a few hours, a day, a week, and ultimately a life.  A life of being in the now means you don’t miss anything in the present.  The past and the future are not important – only the now.  Live in the now for your network marketing business and you’ll find you’ve lived more to the max then if you never practice mindfulness.


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  • Bren Murphy

    Reply Reply June 22, 2017

    Great suggestions Melody and Bruce, as a Mindfulness Teacher you have hit on some important points to keep in mind with marketing – especially about building rapport by being present in the moment.

    • Melody Haines

      Reply Reply June 22, 2017

      Hey Bren, you’re right about mindfulness being pertinent to marketing! If you’re interested in other applications of mindfulness as well, check out my Emotional Peace System at http://ItsMindOverMatter.com Thanks for stopping by, and be happy!

  • Bruce

    Reply Reply June 22, 2017

    Ben, appreciate your stopping by and your comment. If more would be int he present, the future would be much better for all of us! Thanks again…Bruce for Bruce and Melody…

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