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Hi fellow network marketer, This is a blog we really enjoyed putting together as the topic is an important one for anyone involved with trying to get content ranked as high as possible.  Use of SEO techniques, being part science and part “art” can be a time consuming monster, and there are many tools available to anyone wanting to speed up that keyword analysis and keyword search. We first heard of from our mentor and coach, Josh Cope, who recommended it as a tool to save time and zero in on accurate keyword searches.

When we investigated Jaaxy, we found not only keyword search capabilities that are easy to use, but many other features that makes Jaaxy a real network marketing tool and “friend”.keyword research

1)  FREE USER – for 30 Searches – This is a great way to pick some keyword phrases and test out Jaaxy.  You just enter a unique email address, then you have 30 opportunities at no charge to see what Jaaxy can do for you.  We thought this was very fair and reasonable.  We liked it so much, we opted for the second level:

2) PRO USER – After 30 searches, you have a decision to make – either give another email address and get another 30 free looks, or upgrade to their PRO service, which is a reasonable $19 per month, or you and can save $24 per year and get the PRO level by paying $199 up front. Most “intermediate” users like MLMWildfire fall into this level of research. Either paying monthly or once a year is still a strong value. Either way, you get a bunch of features (outlined below).

3) ENTERPRISE USER – The value for the Enterprise User is huge. The price of $49 a month is worth it if you are serious about ranking your blogs and also on keeping in front of others who are in competition with you.

One of the most powerful features at the Enterprise level is the ability of Jaaxy to return where a particular key word phrase ranks in the first 200 Google returned results.  Let’s face it, if you are outside of more than 200 returned items on your keyword, no one is seeing that result – you are just too far removed from the first few Google pages.  

This feature tells where your keyword phrase falls within the first 200 Google-returned items.

So, having given the high level look at the various levels of Jaaxy, what exactly makes Jaaxy so valuable?

Jaaxy shows the exact competition for each keyword.  The algorithms Jaaxy utilizes computes what they call Quoted Search Results (QSR) – which they define as the number  of competing web pages under EXACT term in Google.  The QSR comes back as a “score” and anything less than 400 results means that there is a very good chance new content can get listed on the first page in Google under this keyword.

The QSR score shows in one of the columns after a keyword search.     If you are a “Pro” subscriber ($19/month), you’ll have to click on  each QSR returned item and the system will calculate manually the keyword search QSR.  If you are an Enterprise user ($49), the QSR  scores auto-populates, saving you some excellent time on having to  click on each QSR field as you have to do with the Pro level.

  • Estimated Traffic – 2 columns of values are returned here.
    • The first is the number of global monthly searches for your keyword phrase.
    • The second column is “estimated traffic”, which is an estimated number of clicks based on a first page ranking in Google.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) will identify the quality of the keyword.  A color returned of Green is great, Orange is OK, Red is Poor.
  • SEO Power -A score based on traffic, QSR, and competition (scale of 1-100, higher = better). Will show how many times keywords are searched on a monthly basis.

The results of searches are delivered to you, 30 results at a time, as quickly as only a few seconds.  A longer keyword phrase may take a bit longer.

Jaaxy  returns your keyword phrase and 29 other “close to the key words” alternatives, with the QSR, KQI and SEO scores. A great feature of Jaaxy is the ability to save any phrase returned into a list of names in detail, that can later by downloaded in either a .txt or .csv format.  Very helpful!

Jaaxy also has a column they label “Related Keywords”, which are in ADDITION to the other returned keyword phrase in the main return portion of the software.  These “bonus” keyword phrases can then be clicked on for a detailed analysis.

Jaaxy’s Domain Search Feature is Great

domain search

Jaaxy also has a direct link to and returns domain names with the ability to determine at the click of a button if the domain is available for purchase.  You can actually click on the link of “available”,and go directly to GoDaddy if you want to purchase it.  For those of you into domain name purchasing, this is an amazing time saver and convenient feature.


There are other features of Jaaxy that are worth looking at.  Use this link to check it out:


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