Is Nerium International a Scam? Nerium International Truth Revealed.

As network marketing trainers, we look at network marketing opportunities to keep appraised of what is hot and what is not in the world of network marketing and Nerium International came to our attention when one of our elderly neighbors announced to us she was now in Nerium International.  Well, she has never in her life been exposed to a network marketing company, and while she really does not understand the first thing about what it takes to be successful in growing a network marketing business, we wanted to at least do some homework and make sure Nerium International was a legitimate network marketing business.

The Nerium International Product

The primary product of Nerium International is an anti-aging cream which is produced from the Nerium Oleander plant, otherwise known as the common oleander plant.   OleanderTurns out the  oleander, while being a preferred plant to gardeners due to it’s ability to grow in poor soil conditions, is one of the most poisonous  of commonly grown garden  plants.  Due to that fact alone,  Nerium International’s  anti-aging cream is instantly a lightning  rod as to it’s use, and it’s  safety.  We read  comments from both  sides of “the science” behind this anti-aging cream.  While we are certainly not going  to be experts on the Nerium International product in a short period of time,  we were pretty impressed with the amount of data Nerium International devotes to the actual science behind their creams.

1) An Accidental Discovery Nerium International skin cream is actually an accidental discovery.  Oleander has actually been studied for years as a possible cancer cure, and the findings of using it as a topical “wrinkle reducer” was an accident, as is pointed out by Nerium’s website.  Nevertheless, we did note that the studies and results of the Nerium International skin creams were documented and there has never been any indication of the Nerium International creams causing any harmful effects through topical application.  Nerium continues to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee should there be any ill effects from from any Nerium International anti-aging cream products.  

2) Clinical Trials:  You can read about the clinical studies Nerium International had done through a third party research company, ST&T .  The studies done for Nerium International were blind studies and those in the research and clinical trials did not know they were participating in the study.  The Nerium International studies were conducted over a five year period from 2008-2012.  A lengthy report on Nerium’s website to us, the layman, certainly covers a great deal of scientific and clinical details, and you can download it yourself:  The Science Behind Nerium SkinCare

Our layman’s conclusion is that Nerium International has devoted a great deal of resources to insuring that all the Nerium International anti-aging creams are not harmful and we didn’t see evidence to the contrary.  Nerium’s site goes to great lengths to show what studies have been conducted both as to the safety of Nerium International anti-aging creams, and of their results:  Before and After Gallery of Nerium Users

Management Behind Nerium International 

The driver behind Nerium International is Jeff Olson, who has deep experience in the network marketing industry.  Jeff left as the CFO of another network marketing success story, Pre-Paid Legal, in 2011 to start Nerium International.  Mr. Olson is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in the electronics, solar panel, satellite television, legal, and now skincare industries.

His success with Nerium International resulted in it being the February, 2012 cover story article in Success from Home magazine, a publication devoted to the MLM world.  So, the pedigree of the management for Nerium International is certainly one that comes from the MLM industry.

The Nerium International Compensation Plan

Click here for The Nerium Compensation Plan.   There are the typical methods of making income:

1)  Immediate Income – retailing the product will earn commissions starting at 10% going to 25% for monthly sales over $2,500.  

2)  Success Pack Bonuses – the “Brand Partner” is the title of Nerium International distributors, and by selling different levels of “success packs” within the first 30 days, the more success packs you sell when sponsoring a new Nerium International Brand Partner, the more you earn.

3) Customer Acquisition Bonus – You can earn increasing amounts of Nerium International bonuses when you sign on a preferred customer.

4) Residual Income – The Nerium International compensation plan goes in depth 10 levels.  There are numerous Nerium International earning opportunities:

  • Team commissions
  • Live Better Bonuses
  • Leadership Development Bonuses
  • Coaching Commissions
  • Builder Bonuses
  • Differential bonuses

We won’t go into all the nuances of the Nerium International  bonuses, just suffice to say, this is a robust and well-thought out compensation plan.  If you can work the Nerium International  business effectively, you will make excellent Nerium International residual income.  

A Refreshing Concept – Relationship Marketing 

We often run into a belief in network marketing that a network marketing company will insist that the ONLY way to build a business is the “friends and family”, make a warm list and do it by one-on-one human contact.  This is been the the basis of network marketing for decades.  relationship marketingWe noted with pleasure that Nerium International recognizes that building a successful Nerium International business also encompasses “relationship marketing” including the acknowledgement being proactive in an ONLINE PRESENCE.  BRAVO!  It is a great sign to see that Nerium International embraces and does not run away from the most successful form of network marketing in today’s world – building a network marketing business online.

Nerium International – Concluding Remarks 

Nerium International is a successful and rapidly growing network marketing company, with impeccable management, a strong compensation plan, and a product that has an excellent track record.  Despite what might be naysayers of the anti-aging creams as to “safety” or “results”, all our research found nothing harmful in the Nerium International cream, and results will always be of a subjective nature.  We found the Nerium International website easy to navigate, their willingness to discuss the product safety was complete, and the Nerium International compensation plan was well presented.  We give a “Thumbs Up” to Nerium International as a solid, positive network marketing opportunity.

If you are looking to getting involved with Nerium International, we highly recommend you develop an online presence to get enough traction to eventually grow a residual income.  At MLMWildfire, this is what we do and we’d be delighted to help any aspiring Nerium International Brand Partner discover the power of harnessing the Internet with our assistance:

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