Network Marketing Success: How to Write A Great Network Marketing Blog

Writing a great network marketing blog can be a challenge simply because of the many micro-pieces of network marketing, but the basic blog concepts still apply.   Put your content through the blog rules of the road, and your efforts will yield results.

A successful network marketing blog has 3 critical parts and without them, your success in the network marketing blogging world and getting your message well read will be tough.  Here are the pieces you must have for a successful network marketing blog:

Network Marketing Blog Critical Component #1:  The Proper Blog Setup
  1. A domain that you like and is one that is”brandable”.  It sure helps if you like the domain name and if it is something you can brand other details around. The experts say to keep the name short – 3 words or less is perfect.  For network marketing, some suggestions would be,, (these may or may not be real domains, we are using them as an example only).  You get the point – keep it short
  2. Make sure you don’t violate or take any other company trademark!


3.  Use the .com extension.  .net and other extensions like .tv and other derivatives just don’t have the punch as .com – it is the old reliable extension most identifiable on the Internet and will remain as such.

With these factors as a bedrock for your blog, will everyone flock to your network marketing blog and site?  Certainly not!  It is going to take time to get your volume of blocks out into the Internet and embedded in the SEO process.  Remember a successful network marketing blog is only a collection of well-written posts,  so take each post one at a time.

Network Marketing Blog Critical Component #2: Awesome Content

Again, a lot of experts analyze just what makes a great blog.  For network marketing, just like any other niche industry, the basics are the same for great content:

  1. A catchy title.
  2. Visual effect (GOOD pictures and/or video)
  3. Usefulness (people will take away something of value)
  4. Readability (No, grammer does not have to be “English” perfect!)

Catchy titles

How to put together a network marketing “catchy title” is taught as a skill all over the Internet.  Here are three links to very solid resources to help you come up with grabbing network marketing blog titles:  

15 Tips to Awesome, Eye-Jerking Post Titles

10 Helpful Title Tips From Top-Viewed Blog Posts

10 Surefire Headline Formulas That Really Work 

Sound Visuals

To blog about network marketing, you need GOOD visual effects in the form of pictures or video, and to use them effectively.  Pictures are excellent ways to explode your blog – people relate to pictures and especially to videos as they bring the written word to life.  network marketing

Make sure you use GOOD pictures and not cropped or distorted from the original if possible.  Videos should be brief and carry a focused message.


Creating  a network marketing blog that brings value is not as easy as it sounds.  There are countless bloggers on the Internet and you are in competition with a lot of network marketing blogs.  Don’t panic, because industry statistics show that most network marketing blogs have a very short “shelf life”!  Most network marketing business owners do about 60 days of network marketing blogs then QUIT!  No patience and not passion kills a lot of the network marketing blogs that come along.  Don't Give UP

A key to making it and not becoming another “quit statistic” is to embed not only SEO-rich content in your network marketing blog, but to give VALUE and USEFUL information.  An example is this blog!  There is relevant, down-to-earth content with some links to other locations that will help your network marketing blog thrive and be successful.

Giving value in your network marketing blog will make you stand out and over time gain the trust and respect of those who read your blog.  How do you deliver value?

Value is given when it is free or over delivers results.  That’s it!  

Keep in mind (thanks to the late Zig Ziglar!):  You can get everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.  ‘Nough said!

Network Marketing Blog Critical Component #3:  Readability 


The last piece of the puzzle and where a lot of people struggle is the concept of readability.  Is is essentially you learning and having concrete copywriting skills.  No magic words here except practice, read other network marketing blogs for ideas and keep at it!  Here are some keys to having your network marketing blog be fun to read:

  • Toss out conventional business writing etiquette!  Be conversational.
  • Say something in your blog that makes a difference.
  • Give people free take-away’s.  Check out the bottom of this blog as an example.
  • Don’t try and be perfect – just write and be passionate and any grammatical errors will be ignored by your readers.
  • Use humor in the right places and don’t take yourself too seriously!  Have your humility shine in your network marketing blog.
Final Network Marketing Blog Thoughts:

The world of network marketing is full of network marketing blogs.  Millions of them, literally. Businesses with blogs experience a median increase in lead flow of 77% with 51 blog articles and a massive increase of income and profits (  

So, follow these simple guidelines: 

  • Follow the blogging basics as outlined in this blog.
  • Be passionate about your blogging and it will show
  • Give value and care about others first.  Serve others and thrive!
  • Don’t give up.
  • Write 3 to 5 blogs every week for as long as it takes to have your network marketing business gain momentum.

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  • Seden Randy

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    Nice post. You have came up with excellent points and all are very important for great network marketing blog. I love the order you have listed the point. I think many concentrate on good content and fails on blog setup. You have explained it beautifully. Thank you so much for this post

  • mlmwildf

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    Thanks Randy, hope your experience with network marketing is a good one – check out our free blueprint for success and let us know if we can help in any way…

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    the above blog was awesome thank for sharing the blog thank you it helped me alot .


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    An awesome article; indeed a blog is the best marketing strategy for building a network marketing business because of the advantages it has. the people who
    try building network marketing without a blog keep chasing prospects yet with a blog it is hunting prospects; they bring themselves to you.
    Thank you for this wonderful knowledge.

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    This is was a highly relevant information which I really appreciate. I do hope to get more updates on network marketing.

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