How to Succeed in Network Marketing Old School vs New School.


If you are totally frustrated with how hard it is to build a network marketing business using  the “old school” method of network marketing (friends, families, warm list, etc.)  then you are probably ready for the “new school”, so

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How to Succeed at Network Marketing – Part 2 – New School 

Of course, you can certainly read this blog to reinforce or understand why the “old school ” concept of network marketing business is so difficult, and we welcome you to read on..

This blog is dedicated to those network marketing business owners who successfully built their network marketing  business before the Internet changed the playing field.  We have a great deal of respect for those individuals, because we were involved in an “old school” network marketing business through Amway long before the Internet and know the effort it took to build that form of “old school” network marketing business.

Old School

To have built any respected sized network marketing business  (as many in Amway did) is no small accomplishment. Today, building a network marketing business in that old “friends and family” world is not only impractical, it just makes poor business sense, if even by the most basic of business measurement tools:  Money and Time.


The Dollars

Take a look at the table below, and look at what an “old school” approach to network marketing business might look like in dollars and cents for just one year.  This is hypothetical, but the concept is true and expenses illustrated are realistic.  In fact, in our network marketing business, Melody and I spent way more than this example – we were “tool fanatics” spending as much as we could to get information to talk to as many people as possible.   

Old School Table

OK, so let’s see if this is the picture that is accurate:

You still work a job and if you are lucky, you have a spouse that can contribute to the bottom line.  You may have a few kids, you might even have other expenses like challenging medical bills, taking care of parents, or any number of real-life situations where money is tight.

But the more important question to you is this:  Can you afford nearly 3 grand extra a year to spend on a network marketing business (probably close to $250 per month on average)? 

Ladies and gentleman, if you want to put money into an old fashioned model of network marketing and spend all of what could be profits into a traditional network marketing business model and never experience network marketing exponential growth and ultimate success, please my friend, go right ahead.  It is a free country to fail in, just like it is to succeed in.  

We have done the “failure” thing in the old school network marketing business model.  It wasn’t any fun…

We choose the “success” and that is the new world of network marketing on the Internet.

You may say: “but Bruce and Melody, you don’t know what you are talking about – you have no right to say such an inflammatory and untrue statement!  

Wanna’ Bet?

Here is why we make that statement and why we indeed are very qualified to say it with conviction: 

Folks, the example of a typical year of network marketing business expenses we just highlighted WAS us and we scaled the example above back a LOT because every time we went to an out-of-town network marketing business event, we both went, so we had DOUBLE the travel costs

  • Because we spent this type of money (and a lot more!) for 4 hard years with nothing to show for it  except a bottle of leather cleaner which was never used
  • Because we finally had to declare bankruptcy (yes, other factors contributed, but our laser-beam focus on our network marketing dream was a significant contributing factor – just being honest) having charged and spent money on network marketing books and tapes and network marketing conventions over and over and over that we really could not afford.

Had none of that happened to us personally,  then we might have given you the benefit of the doubt and said “well, maybe you could build a big network marketing business like you want by doing it in this way.”

But having been through the scenario just described, we know the answer is no way! 

Seriously now everyone – let’s cut to the chase.  Do you really believe that with a list of  100 “family and friends” (if you are lucky to get that many) and then moving on to strangers that you physically have to meet and talk to in person you can build a network marketing business that will spit out a network marketing residual income of anything more than maybe a few hundred dollars a year?  REALLY?

We’re just saying…!  



Well, besides the fact that we have patience, and understand

The only way to loose at network marketing is to

  • continue to do the insane old school method of growing a network marketing business, or
  • to quit altogether

The real reason we are not only still working network marketing, but blasting ahead full-speed is the paradigm of network marketing changed due to the Internet.  

Heck, read any of a number of network marketing blogs on our website and you’ll know why the opportunity of network marketing in the Internet age will make anyone with a modicum of a work ethic and anyone with a moderate level of patience not only be successful at network marketing, but they stand a very good chance of creating an impressive 5 or 6 (or higher) figure network marketing residual income stream which, if done correctly, will last them the rest of their lives… yes, it is that big!

So, with that having been said, let’s look at the “sense” of the old school of network marketing:


The Sense (uh…nonsense)


Please understand, we are not trying to be ugly.  We are, however, experienced warriors of having tried the “old school” method of network marketing which means making a pest of yourself with family and friends and total strangers, and being as honest as we can, the logic of building any network marketing business past 20 or 30 people just escapes us.  mlm list making frustration

The analogy Bruce likes to use is football.   The number of kids in college who eventually make it into the NFL  with the “big dollar” contracts is so small, it is not significant  statistically.

The same concept holds true for network marketing old school business building.  The odds that one of your family  members or friends will “see the vision” like you do and find a large  amount of individuals who will also “see the vision” is statistically  tiny and highly unlikely.

Remember:  If the goal is to build a network marketing business large enough to spin off network marketing residual income that is thousands of dollars a month, then this small pond of prospects is just not big enough. In case you don’t like the football analogy, how about this one:

It’s like trying to catch a handful of fish in a pond using one fishing pole, when I can toss a net out in the ocean and catch hundreds, or thousands of fish.

And talk about a time sucking process?!  As long as we’re discussing the time issue of building a network marketing business using friends and family, then total strangers, the time it takes to do this is network marketing prospecting activity is astronomical! Wanna Do A Deal Bruce used to troll the malls EVERY EVENING and considered himself a “loser” if he wasn’t able to subtly “harass” at least half a dozen shoppers and wrangle a card into their hands as they furtively glanced around their shoulders walking backwards in their efforts to “escape” this kind enough but pushy guy who was intent in telling them about how they could earn extra money with this business he wanted to explain…


If you are nodding your head up and down, please know:

There is  a solution.

This network marketing business discussion is a two part blog, but we always give the reader a chance to prove they are more intelligent than we were when we started in the old school of network marketing back in the day.  We’ve found the solution and we revel in the fact our income from network marketing is growing constantly thanks to the platform we have in place, the mentorship of Josh Cope, and the willingness to change and adapt to the new order of online network marketing.

So, for those of you who are sold on the old school of network marketing, we wish you the best, but will welcome you back when the reality of what we’ve outlined above hits home.  You can short-cut the pain and go right to the network marketing business  solution at this link:


Or, if you need to further evidence and discussion, then please, go here and get those answers: Find the answers here at Part II

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