How to Succeed at Network Marketing Old School vs New School

In Part I – How to Succeed in Network Marketing – :Part 1 – Old School, we explored the difficulties and how the old school network marketing business  model is flawed.  We recognize those who built an old school network marketing business did so with great and persistent effort.


New School


For those of us in the “New School” of building a network marketing business on the Internet, those same qualities of being persistent and applying focused energy will not only yield FAR superior results than the old school network marketing business model, but if it is done the right way, you can enjoy substantial network marketing residual income for life.  

Here is the goal:

  • While you  sleep, your network marketing business grows.
  • While you  go on vacation, your network marketing business grows,
  • Whenever you play, your network marketing business grows,

What a difference a few years make!  The Internet is the world’s largest portal to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  If you don’t believe that fortunes are being made in every way imaginable on the Internet, you are just not paying attention!  Did you know that Google, as the world’s busiest website owns You Tube, and that 70% of You Tube’s traffic originates outside of the United States?

Why should you care?

It simply is a symptom of a world economy, and it represents a massive shift of spending power from local, regional “physical” shopping locations to buying something 5,000 miles away and getting it delivered right to your door in a matter of days at a price that is either cheaper than the “brick and mortar” format, or at the very least, is competitive with that rapidly declining and quite possibly soon-to-be extinct form of shopping (aka, the mall, the local shopping center, etc.).

Malls out of business

Again, why should you care?

The answer is obvious – something has to replace the closing physical stores, and that something is the Internet.

Amazon, Ebay, Over, Car Max (even though a physical location is still where you “close the deal”), for Car Max, most of the shopping for vehicles are now done “on-line” with on-line photo portfolios of the inventory for cars and trucks.  All you have to do is pick out some potential vehicles in the comfort of your home, then go and finish that sale in person.  Again, the Internet is a major paradigm shift and YOU CAN CASH IN!

When you consider the sheer numbers on the Internet – over 15 million in the United States and Canada alone who are own a network marketing business, even capturing a tiny fraction of that network marketing business  volume can make your a LOT of money.  This is a given.

How much will you spend to get an Internet-based network marketing business blog/web site? 

Method 1:  Build your network marketing business by yourself 

(on a scale of 1-10, 10 being most difficult, this is a “9” at least..)

Well, that depends on how much you want to spend, or how much you are willing to spend on a professional network marketing website.   If you are a “technical person” and can handle all the “back office” set-up that accompanies building a network marketing “blog-site” (a.k.a., a website), then you may be able to do this for under several thousand dollars, especially if you include an autoresponding system (an automated system designed to send automated messages out at pre-determined Website Constructiontimes to your list of leads), the necessary pieces needed to take money in, process credit cards and returns, getting your “widgets” and plug-in’s and forms all constructed and set up (are your eyes glazing over about now?  Ours did!).  

Now, if you are not a technical person and very little insight as to how network marketing blogs and websites operate (like we were!), then just multiply that money you’ll spend by at least twice, and oh, by the way, you’d better be ready to toss out any personal life out the door if you are serious about making your network marketing business blog site a real tool for making money because it is going to take you a LOT of time while you  educate yourself as to what to do to build that network marketing business website.  The time involved we guarantee you, will not be insignificant!

Method 2:  Let Someone Else Build Your Network Marketing Blog

(on a scale of 1-10, 10 being most difficult, this is a “1”)

Now, finally, some GREAT news.  It won’t cost you a dime to get a serious, competitive network marketing  business blog-site.  Not a penny.

How is that?  Because it’s been done for you and all you have to do is “turn on the lights”, create some network marketing content (a lot of the network marketing business content is already there too!), and off you go!  How can that be?

It is good business sense to offer network marketing value up-front; time and again, we learn the truth in this old Zig Ziglar motto:  You can get everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want!

This is what we’ve done here at  We partnered with Josh Cope, a modern pied-piper of the Internet, who has built a massive network marketing business of thousands and is raking in huge amounts of money ($75K in one month, for example) and who reached out his hand to help pull us up into the cat-bird seat of the world of network marketing.  Puzzles of InternetWith his help, he showed us how to offer anyone a world-class and professional network marketing business  platform, and how to participate in the greatest growth of network marketing in history.  All the pieces of your network marketing business website are in place! 

So as to a major capital outlay, you can spend what we did initially for our network marketing business blog-site – nothing!

Full disclosure – there are network marketing  expenses you will have if you decide to put in more and more effort into growing your network marketing business.  Well, like any other network marketing business owner, that is a personal choice based on your circumstances and other obligations,  and how determined you are to grow a big network marketing business.  Money on a RollWe can tell you several hundred dollars a month on a network marketing business is what we would say is reasonable, but your level of spending could be higher if you want to put more ads out, or it could be less if you want to grow your network marketing business slower.

The key is this:  If you treat it like a business, regardless of how slowly or quickly you build it, it will succeed simply because the universe of network marketing prospects is so massive (in the millions), all it takes is a small percentage to spin off tremendous amounts of network marketing residual income.

For those of you have read enough of our network marketing blogs and seen our videos, and understand the power of what we’re telling you and who realize that FREE is better than $$’s out the door, you can immediately pass “GO” and start exploring how your own network marketing blog-web-site is waiting for you at the end of this amazing video by our partner and mentor, Josh Cope:  FREE WEB SITE 


Residual Income Brick WallThe “Sense” for the New School of network marketing is a no-brainer and the quote to the left by Art Jonak says it all.  As your network marketing business gains momentum through your blogs, your videos, your webinars, your efforts to attract thousands of network marketing business owners who are looking for what you have to offer, the huge reward is a monster list of network marketing business leads which can translate to a network marketing residual income stream that is in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month!  

In the old school reality network marketing, beging family and friends into a network marketing business they could care less about makes NO SENSE (or more precisely – NONSENSE).  For the new school of network marketing, putting effort into an automated network marketing business platform that can spit out residual income for years and years makes COMPLETE SENSE, doesn’t it?

So, our analysis of old school network marketing business vs. the new school of  network marketing business is not much of a comparison, it is more like a good-news/bad-news comparison, and if you have been paying attention to this 2 part blog, the good news is ALL on the side of the new school method of network marketing.   Most of the truly successful  network marketing businesses are  being built on the Internet.  The old school of network marketing just never had a chance.

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