How to Stay Positive in Network Marketing

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of network marketing blogs dedicated to the nuts and bolts of building a network marketing business and almost none of them focus on the most important, the most difficult aspect of building a network marketing business.  

>   This is what enables all the chaos and destruction in the world

>    This is what enables us to enjoy beauty and art in the world

>    Mastering this allows you to be calm in an emergency

>    Mastering this allows you to build relationships that will result in success for all

This thing we call “Emotions” is the cornerstone of your failure or success in life 

Mastering Emotions is somehow not included as being very important in network marketing discussions, but should be the first topic you tackle in not only your network marketing business, but in life itself, because EVERYTHING flows from how good (or bad) you are in controlling your negative emotions.  Call it by a number of phrases:

  •  Mastering Your Attitudebe careful
  •  Mastering Your Emotions 
  •  Mastering Your Ego

The most important part of any person is the foundation of what makes us human – emotions – and more important, the ability to use tools at your disposal to apply your positive emotions into action for network marketing success.  It is what puts us at the top of the evolutionary scale (at least for now!).  If you couple your emotions with imagination and learning, you can create a network marketing reality that is amazing.  

So, how do you master your emotions?  How do you get emotionally “right” and confident and reduce friction between yourself and your spouse, your kids, your co-workers, your down-line?  

  • Start by studying other successful entrepreneurs and network marketing professionals.  Learn from the positive “teachers” that are all around us like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, well you get the drift.  15 minutes a day, read from a positive book.
  • Put good, positive in your brain, leave out negative as much as possible.
  • Your unconscious sucks up negative information and you internalize it – watching the news is depressing enough with every story forced into your brain  and they are almost always negative.  When was the last time you saw or heard a positive story on the Internet, Radio, or TV?  Recommendation:  Stop watching the news.  If it is bad enough, they’ll come and tell you!
  • Go to war with your ego and eliminate as much as you can the negative emotion roller coaster.  Those negative emotions can be fear, jealousy, anger, doubt, frustration, etc..

Check out these short and cool videos where Bruce and Melody address staying positive:  


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