How to Stay Positive in Network Marketing: Tame the ego!

The Culprit is Your Ego

The simplest definition of the ego is the view that a person has of himself.   The problem is that most people see themselves as either non-achieving, or feel they are not worthy of true success.  The the ego controls them with fear and a negative emotion base, holding most people down from achieving happiness and real prosperity.

Why is that?  Melody Haines, the creator of The Emotional Peace Systemsays this:  

“the ego tends to create an energy of clinging to things you like and being repulsed by, or pushing away things that you don’t like. The latter is also referred to as aversion. The ego uses the devices of clinging, aversion, and comparison, in order to keep you prisoner in your thoughts, and to keep itself (the ego) from certain death.  For if you learn what the ego is up to, it will have to give up much of its power to you, and if you learn to completely dis-identify with it, it will cease to exist. That is our eventual goal – to totally dis-identify and be free of the “ego”.  

As a network marketing consultant, we work with network marketing business owners on all sorts of topics – everything from auto-responder messages, to copy writing mechanics, to video production, to lead generation, and the list goes on and on.

Almost universally, we find that network marketing business owners feel their attitude is not a problem because everyone in network marketing is hammered with their up-line reminding them to “stay positive”.

So, having been endlessly reminded to stay positive “no matter what”, the typical network marketing owner thinks they have a positive attitude simply by hanging around other so-called “positive people”.   Here is the problem with that theory:

you cant be positive

If you believe you will suddenly have a positive attitude just because you want to, or because someone else tells you to “stay positive” but offers no specific directions on how to stay positive, you’ll continue to be negative down in the core of your being. Your ego and your subconscious mind will continue to dominate and control you unconsciously with doubts, fear, and self-doubt.

The ego is your number one enemy from maintaining a positive attitude and could very well be the main reason your network marketing business is stuck in neutral or not growing as quickly as you want.

This is why we are so focused as network marketing professionals to teach others there is a systematic method of raising their emotional benchmark from “negative” to “positive” with the Emotional Peace System.  The Emotional Peace System  is a permanent solution to your emotional turmoil, not just something that comes and goes like the emotional diet of the month.

The result is a more happy and positive attitude.  The result is a more joyful “YOU.”  Stop the emotional roller coaster and pretending to have a positive attitude.  Find out what being really positive is like and that this is the state of joy you can create as a result of the Emotional Peace System.  



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