How To Do More In Network Marketing (And Life!)

How to Do More?

While our message to those in our down line is always concerning your network marketing business, this message is also meant to explore how you can do more in life.

How to do more of everything.

Does doing more seem impossible? If not, how do you do more?

This blog is the result of our actually doing more, and how it has caused us to write this blog and to declare that it is possible to do more if you make that decision.

So, let’s distill it down to this:

How you do more in your life is to give more away.

We are not talking about money.

We are talking about time. We are talking about giving yourself away. We are talking about serving others.Giving changes everything

From giving your time away, you will not only reap massive returns, but you’ll have to practically and thoughtfully look at the other things you are doing in life, rearrange their priority in your life, and magically, not only will you still have time to do all of those other things, you’ll have a renewed energy and passion about all that you do.

Who do you give your time to?

The list is endless – charities abound who need help. Your church may need help. Your neighbor may need help. People that are in need are everywhere. Find a need and fill it.

For us, we’re giving time to a local hospice and support others who are in the need for hospice services.

Here is a key – it doesn’t matter how much time you give, as long as your giving is sincere and you give all of yourself for whatever time you can.

A few hours a week? Great! A few minutes a week? Great!

Just start the process and watch what happens.

You’ll adjust your life to fit in this important task and all the other tasks will sort themselves out.

We do believe that if you take your eyes off yourself and help others, you will get so much more in return, that your life will be blessed and enriched in ways that you can’t imagine.

So, how you do more is to make a decision to look outside of your needs and fill the needs of someone else. Everyone wins, but we bet you’ll believe you are getting more than you give away.

And that will be the truth!

To Your Abundance,

Bruce and Melody Haines 

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