How To Be Successful in Online Network Marketing

How you can be successful in online network marketing is really not a secret or hard.  It is a combination of a lot of skills and understanding that building an online network marketing business takes hard work, patience, and a willingness to offer value to others.

What stops most people, however, from being successful with an online business is the larger universal problem that everyone in business must solve, or failure is a certainty.  Most people fail at solving this universal problem.

The universal problem is this:  How do you get belief that you can succeed?

Fortunately, others have solved this universal problem and we have worked very hard and learned from those who explained the solution to us so we can explain it to you your mind

However, in order for you to receive this universal solution, you first have to free your mind.

If you will just free your mind, you can change your life.  

Answer this question… and when you answer it, you must answer with 100% honesty:

Why are you building an internet network marketing business?  


We have asked this question to literally hundreds (or more!) of people who are in business for themselves. Almost universally, everyone who has ever responded to that question always has one word somewhere in their response:


Freedom in every sense is what you want in life.

Right now, you are controlled by external forces that drive your life.  This is why you still have a job and have to trade your time for dollars and go to work for someone else.

This is why you have to plan a vacation to fit into your life because you don’t have the financial freedom to just pick up and go whenever and where ever you your mind (2)

What you really want are choices with no limits, but right now, that is just a dream, isn’t it?  You stand on the precipice of complete freedom, it has a staggering view, but the leap seems impossible, doesn’t it?  Rather like you poised on a vast, high cliff of possibilities, like this:

And here is the real truth you must acknowledge:  Up until now, you haven’t believed complete freedom through your internet business was possible for you.

Be honest with yourself.  Deep down, you believe freedom is for others, but not for you.

If you don’t change that belief, then you are right – freedom will never be yours and you can stop reading right now, and we’ll wish you a pleasant day.  

It’s time to change that belief.

It’s time to free your mind.  

Our guess is you already knew that. You simply needed someone to point out what you instinctively realize is the Truth.

Well, guess what?

The truth will set you free.  

You fall into one of three different groups:

1)  THE NOPES:  You’ve heard some of or all of these truths before and tried network marketing before and are convinced that because you failed years or days ago, it is not true and you know in your mind that “Nope – won’t work!”  We wish you luck and have a nice day.

2) THE HOPES:  You’ve heard some of these truths before and despite having tried in the past and failed at network marketing in the past, some part of you knows that we are telling the truth and there was something lacking in your prior attempts at network marketing and you are keeping an open, skeptical mind about these because you really want freedom.

3)  THE BROKES:  You have never done network marketing and this is all new information to you, so you want to know if what we are telling you is the truth.

If you defined yourself as one of “the hopes” or “the brokes”, then embrace this:

To build a successful network marketing business today, you need to have ALL of the items listed below (you must have all of these, not just some).  For some of the items listed, we’ve put some links to another video or blog that will discuss these points more in details.

1)  A belief in yourself. This must be without fear and it means you don’t want freedom, you approach the business with a positive, attitude and belief that “freedom is already mine, I just have to claim it!”   (a) Video: You are Perfection Paused
2)  A great product and/or service
3)  A robust marketing blog (website) with an autoresponder
4)  The ability to write effective articles and blogs with value-laden content  How to Master Copy Writing – A Simple Formula That Works
5)  A sincere desire to help others succeed How to Succeed in Network Marketing: Attitude, Faith, Work
6) A sincere and honest work ethic  Your Work Ethic is the Secret to Network Marketing Success
7)  Be an active social media user including Facebook, twitter, and other Social media sites.
8) Money you can afford to invest in your business
9) A positive, never quit attitude MLM Network Marketing Attitude: Stay Positive, Learn and Never Quit
10) A You tube channel with videos about your business linked to your blog YouTube Channel
11)  Time
12) Patience

The universal problem of self-confidence and belief will stop most from ever being successful.  It doesn't have to be that way!  Make the choice that you are worthy of having more of everything,  free your mind and go to work with the true belief that you are already successful.  Success will rush to meet you and watch your business explode.  

We’ve done it and know you can too!

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