How to be Successful at Network Marketing: Choose Your Leadership Wisely

How to be Successful at Network Marketing:  Choose Your Leadership Wisely

This blog is going to require that we are honest with you and that you are honest with yourself.  Being honest with anyone you are in business with requires that elusive “transparency” so that is the premise of this blog.

Six Figure Cash Stack

First, full disclosure:  We are not a 5 or 6 figure per month earners in this network marketing  industry.

Not yet.

We’re not in the least concerned we don’t yet earn at that level, because we know we will shortly. What’s even more exciting to us is we  know that we’ll bring a few smart, hard-working network marketing business associates with us and that in itself energizes us as to know we can help others achieve too.

So, with the premise that you are reading this blog because you want a serious residual income stream out of network marketing, let’s find out which group of network marketing business owners you fall into.   It’s important to know so we can point you in the right direction for help… 

When you take a closer look at network marketing success (or lack of network marketing success, depending on your definition) there are basically three types of network marketing business owners working on the Internet.  We’re  going to leave out network marketing business owners who are stuck in the “family and friends” model of building a network marketing business (the “manual” way vs. an “automated online” way), simply because the success rate for someone not using the Internet is such a small number, it is almost irrelevant to bring this group into the network marketing business discussion.

So, here are the three primary groups of online network marketing business owners:

Group #1:  The “Amateur” Network Marketing Business Owner 

Let’s define an amateur who is someone who does not make money in their network marketing business.  Man on Question MarkThe amateur network marketing business owner wants to earn a bonus check or make an income stream from their business.  This person is an amateur because they will not:

  • Commit to action.  They are forever stuck on “research” and are waiting until all the lights are green before they start on the road.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance

  •  Invest any money into their network marketing business.  They assume everything will “magically” materialize from people coming to their website.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

  • Invest time and effort into their network marketing business.  They are constantly making excuses about being too stressed at the job, or they feel there is just too much hassle to do it with the wife or husband giving them flack for being “scammed” by that stupid MLM opportunity – AGAIN!

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

  • Learn the tools and techniques at his or her disposal to actually make their network marketing business a network marketing success.  Let’s just call it what it is:  being lazy or in denial.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

  • Recognize that being in a constant state of “want” will give them exactly the thing they desire – they will receive a constant state of “wanting” something.   With all the evidence around us now that “thoughts” are “things” and literally produce results once you believe in something and think it into existence, for those who never take action for their network marketing business, well, they are doomed to be in a perpetual state of “wanting” and will never achieve their network marketing success.  They are just wired wrong and are thinking wrong.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

Group #2:  The “Part-Time” Network Marketing Business Owner

Part Time

This includes anyone involved in  network marketing business who:

  • Makes at least a few hundred to maybe a thousand dollars a month and that fits exactly what they want to accomplish.  If you are in this group, you are probably very comfortable with that level of network marketing success and you should be proud of this achievement.  It fits your needs and allows you to have a small income to supplement your household income.
  • Loves the product or products.  They are professional consumers with no desire to really earn an income from network marketing.

There is nothing wrong with being in either Group 1 or Group 2.  Business owners in these groups can be trained (if that is what they really want) to have greater network marketing success.  

Group #3: The “Professional” Network Marketing Business Owner

Leader in front ot group

This is the dedicated network marketing business owner who wants to make money and build a successful network marketing residual income stream, but is struggling to get to the earning plateau they desire for these reasons:

  • They don’t have the correct network marketing guidance and don’t know where to find that network marketing leadership.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

  • They don’t have the latest in network marketing knowledge on how to get traffic to their site and therefore are not getting the network marketing results they want.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

  • They are ineffective in writing “ad copy” and are not getting traffic to their site, so continue to have poor results.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

  • They have all the network marketing tools in place, are doing what they should to be successful at network marketing, but lack confidence, or belief that they truly can be a successful at network marketing.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

  • They don’t understand the importance Attraction Marketing which is essentially offering value and “serving others” as opposed to trying to “sell something” to prospects.  Not knowing and practicing Attraction Marketing is something that kills a lot of network marketing businesses.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

  • They don’t know the intricacies of the social media world, and how to involve Face Book, Twitter, and other social media outlets to grow their network marketing business.

This can be overcome with the correct guidance.

The obvious statement we’ve repeated above is that with the correct guidance, network marketing success can be achieved.

In choosing  network marketing leadership and guidance, make sure whoever you choose to work with can say “yes” to all these factors: 


  • Are those who are leading and guiding you in your quest for network marketing success being mentored and guided themselves by someone in network marketing who is a five or six figure earner?  You don’t want to be trained to run a marathon by someone who has never done a 5K before!
  • Are they teaching network marketing “relationship building” as a core for your network marketing business?  Network marketing success is not about selling anything, it is about building a trust between you and your down line or prospects (leads) so that you can help build a successful network marketing business for everyone.
  • Do they provide to you the latest in website technology, including a completely constructed auto responding system, robust capture pages, complete affiliate relationships to advertise other products and services as you build your network marketing business?
  • Do they teach you the latest in social media changes and how best to use Face Book, Twitter, and other outlets to get your network marketing message out the correct way?
  • Do they teach and help you with effective network marketing advertising such as solo ads, co-operative advertising, etc.?
  • Do they teach by example, such as live network marketing webinars where questions and answers can be addressed and real-life situations concerning network marketing on the Internet can be thrashed through for all to learn from?

Make sure that those you work with are network marketing leaders who are teaching  all the critical network marketing “success elements”.

We follow our own advice and are getting personal guidance and coaching from Josh Cope – a true network marketing success story who achieved financial independence by his 25th birthday!  

Here is a very exciting development we’ve recently had with Josh:  due to our explosive growth, he has agreed to offer to our serious business owners a FREE WEBSITE and to allow anyone who is serious about building a successful network marketing business to plug into his teaching and get their network marketing business launched into new heights of achievement.  That, my friends is a no brainer!


Still have questions?  Let us know what they are – Contact Us and we’ll be glad to help you get the answers.

If you want to hear our very improbably story about how we actually “found” each other through network marketing, check out our story here:  Video About Us.

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