How to be Positive (Emotional Peace) in Network Marketing

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Turns out the secret of staying positive in network marketing is not a secret after all.  Turns out you already know most of what it takes to stay positive. Turns out that while the answer is right in front of everyone, most people will not do the work to make that attitude a pillar of “positivity”, but if you are willing to go to work to make it happen, positive you will be.

Here is the Wildfire formula for maintaining a positive attitude as you build your network marketing business:

Network Marketing Knowledge  +  Hard Work  +  Patience  

+   Leadership  +  Mastering Your Emotions

 =  “A Positive Attitude”

or, as we like to call it: positivity           

Which of these components is more important to network marketing success?  All of them.  Sorry, there is no easy way around it – every one of these components is vital to your success.  We cover a LOT of territory in our quest to teach you how to be a network marketing success, so here is a brief synopsis of these elements, with links to other blogs we’ve written that will help you in working through these network marketing “must have’s”.

Network Marketing Knowledge 

We have documented building a network marketing business in the old school model of “friends and family” and in a “non-Internet” environment.  We don’t recommend that path, and this is why we teach how to do it on the largest distribution and communication channel in the world – the Internet.  If you want to compare the two worlds, check out the this blogs:  How to Succeed at Network Marketing Old School vs New School.

Having network marketing knowledge on the Internet is a different beast than network marketing in person.  On the Internet, you have to become a “marketer”, not a “networker”.  There is a distinct difference and it lies in your ability to use the written word FAR more effectively than in physical network marketing.  Your words have to sell a concept and yourself in auto responding messages, in blogs that you write, in capture pages, in sales pages, and you also have to translate your real sincerity in visual images by putting out videos on You Tube.  These are essential tools at your disposal that are taught by any number of Internet platforms, but you also have to have guidance on what and when and where to do things, or you will find the road to network marketing success a long and expensive one.


We won’t go into the nuts and bolts of more in-depth network marketing strategies in this blog, but you have to consider:

  • Social media and how to present and advertise on those outlets (Face Book, Twitter, Linked In, etc.).
  • How to build your list of prospects, how to offer value up-front so they know you are trustworthy
  • How to price your launch products
  • How to position and price your affiliate products
  • How to conduct webinars, and follow up web meeting or coaching sessions
  • How to know the density of your keywords in any blog to be searched and rise in the Google search engines
  • How to put effective descriptions on any blog or video.  For example, do you know how many characters most search engines look at and why a long description is not good?  The answer is 60 characters in the title, and up to 160 in the opening words of a blog.
  • Make sure your You Tube description boxes are maximized as to the number of characters you are allowed to have (5,000)
  • Why it is very advantageous to put closed captioning on your You Tube video?
  • Do you know why having a You Tube channel trailer is so important and that subscribers to your You Tube channel can put a massive difference into your related blog traffic?

Oops!  I said we weren’t going to go into the nuts and bolts!  Our bad.  If you read that last paragraph and don’t know what the heck we are talking about you need to just STOP, and immediately Contact Us and get on our list so we can HELP YOU!  It is what we do.  Get your FREE BLUEPRINT for success and learn all that you need to know!

Hard Work

Do we really have to talk a lot about this?  This is netWORK marketing.  Not netPLAY or netHOBBY marketing!  If you are still in a full-time job, you must carve our the time each week to pursue this network hard work signmarketing business so that someday, you won’t need a full-time job.  How many hours a week is that?  We can’t possibly know your personal situation, but if you are not putting in 10-20 hours a week on a seven day a week basis, then you are really never going to get the network marketing success you seek.

We have a ton of blogs talking about work ethic, planning, goal setting, etc.  Check out our blogs, below, which will help you determine how to work hard in your network marketing business:


It there were one personality trait that we all need, and that anyone in network marketing has to have it is patience. You have to remember that this network marketing business is one that 98% of people poke at with a stick for 90 days, then quit.  Sad, but true and we say that because if they understood the exponential explosion of network marketing once you have a certain number of people on your list, they would never quit!  It is FAR more difficult to get your list from zero to a thousand then it is to get it from a thousand to five thousand.  Why is that?

  • It takes TIME to get the nuts and bolts down
  • It takes TIME to be a student and learn as much as you can to be competitive with others in network marketing.

Residual Income Brick Wall

  • It takes TIME to help others understand that they can trust you and that you have their best interests at heart, not yours.
  • It takes TIME to do anything in life and especially something as specialized as network marketing and be successful at it.

BUT – it is worth it!  To the right is an image we love and knowing what we know about network marketing success through our coach and mentor Josh Cope (who was dead broke and now has a lifestyle that allows him the freedom to do anything he wants – and he is only in his twenties).

So, commit to a realistic goal of at least a few years of building a business (that’s what network marketing is – a business) and the residual income you can earn will amaze you.  In this video Bruce did some months back, even just a little number crunching will show you that it is something worth being patient to achieve!:


Don’t want to be a leader?  Well….we suggest you be a leader of yourself first because this is more of a mental attitude then being a “general” of troops.  When you believe in your own ability, over time as your knowledge and experience in network marketing grow, you will evolve to be an effective leader.

To have your down line follow you as a leader means they have to trust you as a leader and they have to KNOW that you would do whatever it takes to help them get success.  This is why we believe in the old Zig Ziglar statement that

You can get everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want. 

Remember, you aren’t going to “boss” anyone in your business.  You’ll set an example of doing first what you ask others in your down line to do, and in short, you’ll be the team leader of a successful network marketing organization, where everyone wins.

Being a network marketing leader (NOT a boss) is depicted no better than in this image:

Leader vs Boss


Mastering Your Emotions – how to achieve emotional peace 

We have good news and bad news.

The bad news is almost everyone involved in building a network marketing business is not in control of their emotions.  This one factor – not having control over your emotions – creates a struggle for almost everyone in network marketing and dramatically reduces their chance of massive success.

The good news is the skill of mastering your emotions – the skills you need to achieve emotional peace – can be taught and those who embrace it have a FAR more likely chance of success in not only network marketing, but in life in general.

Becoming a master of your emotions (you’ll notice we’ve termed it “Emotional Peace” based on the program designed and being taught by Melody of  is the difference between living life being angry, jealous, resentful, upset, irritated, etc. or living life with joy, love, happiness, gratefulness, and peace of mind.  the Emotional Peace System_final file_11072014If you are not in control of your emotions in not only your network marketing business, but life in general, you may feel you are living in a shadow world of incomplete dreams, of stale frustration, and of quiet desperation.

We believe at mlmwildfire that emotional peace is THE MISSING INGREDIENT to your success in network marketing.  Gaining emotional peace requires patience, maturity, and being willing to learn how to find joy and happiness in every day.  The frustration you feel in building a network marketing business can be alleviated tremendously if you can just learn to have negative emotions have little or no impact on you, and to embrace the positive emotions through emotional peace that are yours to enjoy.

Check out more at this blog:  Network Marketing Success:  The Key is Mastering Emotions 

You can start by getting free help at our Emotional Peace System blog:  Its Mind Over Matter.

 Wrap Up 

Network Marketing, especially on the Internet, is one of the most least understood “businesses” there is.  Most people who don’t understand what it takes to grow a network marketing business just toss up their hands and call it a “scam” or feel it is just not possible to be successful at it.

Pretty sad, we think.  Sure, it takes work.  Sure it takes patience.  Sure it takes leadership.  And most definitely, it takes having control of your emotions through emotional peace, so that you can calmly and rationally make a residual income that can create financial freedom like you’ve always dreamed.

Go to work.  Learn constantly.  Be patient.  Get control of your emotions through the emotional peace system.  It’s all there for you, just know that someone is willing to help!  At mlmwildfire and itsmindovermatter, we are dedicated to helping others get that success.  We’ve found the more we give away, the more comes back to us.

It can be the same for you!  Find out more about us here:  Bruce and Melody Haines. 

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.  Check out our You Tube Channel.

We always look forward to helping you so

To Your Abundance and Emotional Peace,

Bruce and Melody Haines




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