Free MLM Leads? 3 of 3 Monetize Your Leads

Free MLM Leads?  Monetizing your leads is the final piece of the equation of how to utilize your leads.  That is the purpose of your list, after all – to monetize (sell something) to those who value and trust you based on your content and actions.

This is Part 3 of our three part blog on “Free MLM Leads?  If you need to catch up to where we are in this blog, read Part 1 here  and Part II here.

A quick summary of the ground we’ve covered.  We established in Part I the definition of the sales funnel for online network marketing, and included an example of how network marketing residual income can be a pretty nice carrot at the end of the stick for those of us moving towards that financial freedom.  Part II covered more about how exactly you get your offer out into the vast Internet, including the distinction between “organic” and “paid” network marketing leads.  We came to the conclusion no MLM lead is totally “free”, and we also touched base on the importance of SEO and “driving ships to your network marketing island oasis”.

So, let’s discuss what you do when you have established a growing and mature list of network marketing leads.  Remember, in the world of MLM/Network Marketing, THE LIST is everything.  From this list of people will eventually spring forth the reason you are doing this network marketing “thing” in the first place:  MONEY.  No, money is not a nasty word, but a word that wields vast control over most everyone living, so our goal is to reverse the tables and have money be under our control, not the other way around.

Our friend and coach, Josh Cope, likens the MLM/network marketing list to a bank account.  You need to treat it as such. Piggybank For example, you make deposits into your bank account by putting in valuable assets (money) and in the case of your list – you offer content on how to do network marketing,  and for those who are in the traditional network marketing consumption game (vitamins, creams, books, etc.), you provide information about network marketing products – perhaps a review blog, perhaps research, and depending on your imagination, other products that you find to be of value and can assist those in your business.

You inject this “intellectual capital” and thus increase the inherent value of your network marketing list. You are depositing value and growing the relationship between you and those on your list.  So, for the sake of argument, and for an image we can all relate to, consider your growing list as a pile of coins that need to be fed into a piggy bank – coin-by-coin – name-by-name, you are stockpiling information and value and keeping your list secure.  The key here is to be honest, offer true value and build TRUST.

Let me repeat that – you should concentrate on BUILDING TRUST with those on your list.  Always remember, people buy YOU, not a product.  trust pyramidThe image to the left says it all – you start out with your prospects gaining awareness of you and your message, and as they become part of your list, they gain an understanding of what you can do for them.  Eventually, they believe you are trustworthy, and the ultimate sign of trust is taking action when you ask them for the return of money in exchange for even more value that they know you will deliver.  If you have credibility, if you have integrity, if you have the best interest of others in mind, that shows and you’ll be able to eventually “withdraw” from this “human capital bank account” as those on your list of contacts will be glad to hand back to you money because they TRUST you to bring them something they perceive is worthy of spending their hard-earned dollars on.    

emptying piggbankSo, your goal as you build your list is to deposit value into the bank account, carefully shepherd it towards growth, knowing that someday, you’ll be withdrawing funds back out to use for your own personal use.   So, we’ll think of our piggy bank upside down and we’ll be able to take out residual income on a regular basis..

To do this building of value, you must be constantly aware of why people on your network marketing list subscribed or “opted in” in the first place.  They perceived the value of what you were doing would help them to success too.   Here at MLMWildire, we are probably the biggest user of the Zig Ziglar line “you can get everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want”, but we quote it so often because, frankly, it is true.

So, knowing that is true, you need to give to your list the value they perceived you were going to provide them.  How best to do that?

We’re so glad you asked!

Let’s identify two primary tools to provide value to your list of prospects:

Key Tool #1:  Effective auto responder messages that offer content and help. 

No magic elixir here, just hard work that pays dividends.  We won’t go into the best auto responding mechanism possible, just know that to have the management of a network marketing list of names in the thousands, you MUST have an automated system of pre-planned messages that can be sent on a pre-arranged schedule so that all your list gets communicated to effectively and in the same manner.  The auto responder is the ultimate duplication machine. 

duplicationWe have to just pause and have the beauty of that statement sink in.  “the auto responder is the ultimate duplication machine!”  Here is why that is key:

In a traditional network marketing business that is built outside the Internet, the constant problem and dilemma faced by all in that model is, of course, finding enough people to talk to but even larger then that is the problem of duplication.  To grow, you must find someone with a like mindset and work ethic, and duplicate that work ethic to the next person, the next person, and so on.  Very difficult to do, simply because human beings can easily get distracted, can easily get emotional and just up and quit.

Not so with a machine and a good message.

The magic of a strong auto responding system is what allows you to be “everywhere all at once!”

However, just having the equipment does not insure network marketing success. 

Here is what we believe is, if not THE key ingredient for network marketing “conversion success” is at the very least, one of the most important skills you simply must master, i.e., the difference between an unsuccessful network marketing business owner who struggles to make ends meet and the profitable network marketing professional who banks excellent coin and is financially secure can be summed up in 3 words:


We have this as a topic throughout our website and in Part, 2, we touched on it also.  Writing words that persuade others in network marketing to buy something is a skill that has to be mastered if you are going to earn that network marketing residual income.   That sounds a bit scary knowing that your ability to communicate in a written format stands as a barrier between you and making excellent network marketing money, but that is the reality of it.

To go into what makes up good copywriting would take much more time than this blog on leads allows, but here are a few blogs we’ve done to date discussing the absolute importance of copywriting skills in becoming a master network marketing professional.

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Key Tool #2:  Sponsor Webinar’s

Holding a network marketing webinar is a professional touch that may come difficult for some with limited “presentation skills”, or are nervous speaking in front of others, but if you want to be effective at moving your list of network marketing leads to become network marketing customers, sponsoring and running webinar’s is a step in your growth as a professional network marketing business owner that should be a goal.

Nothing takes the place of human one-on-one communication, and the webinar brings everyone together on a more personal format to capture ideas, get training, swap Q&A’s, hear the inflection and passion from both ends, in short, brings the human touch back into what has up until this point, been a completely mechanical, automated process.

WebinarIt is within a webinar setting that much can be done to “close the sale”, and that sounds a bit “sales-ee”, but it is where a great deal of network marketing commerce can be concluded.  Nothing is more powerful than a quasi-social setting that a webinar offers.  We tend to think of them not as webinars, but as “wealthinars” (if you hear this term in the future – you heard it here first!).

Both sides get wealthier.  You, as a network marketing business owner receives back money (wealth increases) or new down line representatives sign up, and those in your business gain more value, more tools, more needed details to move their business forward, so their wealth in knowledge increases too.  Ultimately, for that network marketing business owner,  this increase in knowledge will lead to more wealth when they convert that information into more network marketing business themselves.  It is a win-win for sure.

While the topics we can jump off into are many – which webinar platform is best, how many do you hold in a week ?  How many in a month?  How do you make sure attendance is high?  The list can go on and on, so we’ll stop here.  Topics for future blogs..


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this three part blog on network marketing leads.  We believe these are the key take away points you’ll want to remember:

  • There really is no such thing as a “free MLM/network marketing lead”.  There is always a cost associated with a lead.
  • A valid network marketing lead is not a “like” or a “comment” on You Tube or Face Book.  It is contact information left at your request that consists at a bare minimum of an email address.
  • The whole purpose of your network marketing business is to drive traffic to a capture page, then monetize it.
  • The residual income factor is profound and if you want an example, of how significant that can be, go back to Part I and check that out!
  • Master copywriting.  Period.  Repeat:  Master Copywriting
  • Duplication through the Internet trumps duplication in a “physical network marketing business.”
  • Build relationships and TRUST with your list of network marketing leads, and the result will be income for you, more knowledge and growth for those in your network marketing business.  Everyone wins.
  • Make sure you have a robust auto responder system and
  • Conduct webinars

Don’t know how or where to go to get these pieces humming along?  Well, as my long-lost surfing buddies I used to have in a prior life in California where I grew up would say: DUDE, you don’t have to go anywhere – you’re already there!

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