Free MLM Leads? 2 of 3 Driving Traffic To Your Website

Free MLM Leads?  The ability to drive traffic to your website so that they can understand what you offer is critical to success.  How you drive that traffic is critical to your growing your list of leads.

This is Part 2 of our look at the question “Can I get totally free MLM leads?”.  In this blog, we’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of driving traffic to your MLM/network marketing funnel and how to get that prospect to become part of your list.  And, we’ll answer the question is there really such a thing as a “free lead”?

By the way, if you want to read these blogs in order, you can read Part I here, and read Part 3 here.

As a summary, in Part I we explored the definition of a MLM/network marketing sales funnel, and the power of the sheer size of the Internet marketplace, including an example of how MLM residual income can be very large indeed.  That MLM/network marketing residual income, which is the real goal of your efforts as a network marketing/MLM business owner is the reason we are all involved in network marketing.

With residual income comes freedom from many things, including some leaving their jobs, vacation freedom, financial freedom,  and buying back the most important commodity of all – time.  So, the prize is worthy of look at just how to get there.

Is there such a thing as a Free MLM or network marketing lead?  

This discussion might get a bit in-depth, but let’s pull the question apart in pieces.  

First, what is an MLM lead, i.e., how does one network marketing professional define a lead as?  You’d be surprised how many answers you’ll get to that question, so let’s see what alternatives we’ve heard of, and how we define a lead.

mlm lead generation

Our definition of a an MLM lead:  An MLM/network marketing  lead is someone who has chosen to give you contact information through your requesting they do so and they have  provided you at the bare minimum an email address, possibly their first and/or last names, and in rare instances, a phone number.   That is a valid MLM/network marketing lead. 

Now, here are what we do not consider leads:  

  1. Face book Likes
  2. You Tube Comments
  3. You Tube Likes 

Yes, you will find network marketing professionals who define these last three as leads.  While they are nice statistics and could be someone who can be added to your list (remember, it is all about building a massive list), in their current form – a “like” or a “comment” – they have chosen to remain “outside” of what you are asking them to do which is to put exact contact information in your hands so they can subscribe to your messages, either by blog or by video or email.

They did, in short not become part of your network marketing list.  They are not real MLM leads.

So, if an MLM /network marketing lead is defined as someone who has voluntarily opted in to your request for information, then can they be had for free?

No.  But you can get close..

So we’re sure you realize there are two basic lead types:  “Paid for” and “Organic”.  

1)  “Paid for” network marketing leads  is simply defined as you paying money to a third party to purchase a list of contacts (email addresses and names).  Often the list you purchase will be “targeted” to a specific niche, such as vitamins, creams, coffee drinkers, automobile enthusiasts, etc..

Getting LeadsAre purchased MLM leads worth it?  Well, this blog makes no judgments on the viability and ultimate outcome of any paid for lead, but suffice to say, tread with caution and use all your research senses before you waste money on lousy leads.  Enough said.

2)  “Organic” leads, which is closer to “free” by far simply by definition, but understand NO online network marketing lead is totally free as you will always have the overhead of your website (or blog), auto responders, tools such as keyword research software’s (Jaaxy, for example), affiliate overhead,  display ads, joint venture costs, product developments, etc.  The point is, all this overhead can be directly tied to lead generation, so the actual “cost” of your leads will be a factor of all these components you have in place just to be in the network marketing industry.


In our opinion, THE critical skill you need to cultivate as a successful network marketing professional, the one skill that will stand you in good stead through the years is your ability to MARKET THROUGH EFFECTIVE COPYWRITING. copywriting sign That simply means that you can communicate to a total stranger effectively enough so that they do the second most important action in your network marketing business:  Click on your subscription/opt-in/capture page and input and send to you their email address (and name and phone number in some instances).  This second most important action is the step needed to move the responding party from a “suspect/prospect” to a bonafide LEAD. When they do that, they are a lead.

Oh yes, we forgot to mention the number one important action step needed to move your network marketing business to victory:  Having that lead click on your product offer, or become officially a “down line” in your business, i.e., that lead becomes a customer and you collect money as a reward for having nurtured that lead, provided constant communication and ongoing value, and ultimately had that lead move to final action.    At that point, the MLM/network marketing cycle is complete and you are paid for your efforts.   We cover that third critical network marketing step in Part 3 of this three part blog.

An organically grown network marketing lead is as close to a “free” lead as you can get.  Why?  Well, the effort to get that lead to take action has been the result of your copywriting skills in your blog posts, and your ability to make effective videos (you mean you don’t have a robust You Tube channel?) If that is the case,  you will want to check out our You Tube Basics blog that discusses the key components that go into making an effective You Tube Video.  It also means you sent out effective communication through your auto responder and your messages were received and acted on. 

In it’s purest sense, these network marketing copywriting skills don’t cost you an outlay of dollars, just time.  Now, having said that, time is money, so your effective cost of each lead will be in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend in your network marketing business blogging and communicating so that prospects will choose to become leads.

Initially, you’ll put far more concentrated effort in to writing mlm/network marketing blogs and doing videos.  You have to lay the groundwork for a massive network marketing list with hours and hours of communicating and practicing your skills so that you can turn those MLM leads in to closed sales.

Keyword Phrases and SEO are Critical to Creating Leads

Picture your MLM/network marketing business as the only island oasis in a very large sea – we’ll call it the Http Sea.  Your network marketing oasis has the best in accommodations, the finest food and drink, the best entertainment, and the calmest of beaches to relax on.  lighthouseThe problem is no knows about your network marketing island oasis  because your oasis island is uncharted in the vast Http Sea.  

How do you get ships to visit your amazing network marketing island oasis?  With a steady and powerful lighthouse beam rotating a full 360 degrees, 24/7 constantly tossing out value-laden blogs and videos with the most accurate and carefully chosen keywords and tags that shows the way to your network marketing island oasis.  Think of your blog as an island oasis, and your SEO and keyword phrases as the lighthouse beacon, steering an infinite fleet of prospective readers to your oasis island.

How to effectively create tags and keyword phrases is another topic and another blog – one of our many lighthouse blogs showing you the way to network marketing success.

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