Free MLM Leads? 1 of 3 The Leads Funnel

Free MLM Leads?  The lead funnel is critical in obtaining leads for any network marketing business owner.  But, can you really get free leads?

This is Part 1 of a 3 part blog discussing MLM Leads. Here is the plan to this lead discussion:

Part 1 – (This blog). We’ll define and review the MLM/network marketing online sales funnel and how leads flow to sales. Don’t miss our example of the power of how only a small percentage of leads can produce a massive residual income.

Part II – The mechanics of filling the mlm/network marketing sales funnel – what you do and how you do it.

Part III – Closing the MLM lead into a customer, and what you do once someone is in your network marketing business.

Some more groundwork about who we are. We are network marketing “trainers/coaches/mentors”, (take your pick). We spring from the old school of the Amway business from many years ago, but long since have abandoned that “family and friends” and “personal contacting” world and have built a successful online network marketing business, relying exclusively on generating on-line leads only.

We tell you this up front because we know network marketing leads. MLM leads are our bread and butter and your’s too!  Your list of MLM leads is your ticket to offering all sorts of valuable products to your network marketing customers so that you canGet leads magifying glass create network marketing residual income. Your number one network marketing goal is to constantly grow your list of leads. That list is your lifeblood to the network marketing success you can enjoy and for the lifestyle that comes with mlm residual income.

So, you are looking for free leads, right?  Well, first, let’s define the “mlm/network marketing sales process? correctly for two reasons – (1) you may never have had it explained fully to you, and (2), it will move us along to show why there is no such thing as a totally free network marketing lead BUT, we’ll get pretty darn close to free..

Oh, and this is IMPORTANT.  What is the goal, in a nutshell of leads?  Here is the answer and never forget this is what you are attempting to do in your online network marketing business :

You establish a capture page, you drive traffic to that page, and you monetize the traffic.

That is it in a nutshell.  What does that sentence mean?  It means you make money from the list of people you develop through your capture page or website and produce a residual income stream which can be HUGE if your list keeps building..

Here is a classic network marketing sales funnel that really gets the concept down perfectly: 

sales funnel 3The process of the network marketing funnel also should have a time stamp on it for how long it takes an prospect to become a customer.  The perfect funnel should also have a mathematical component defining how many start as a prospect, and how many remain at the bottom of the network marketing funnel as customers.  What is the percentage of “closed prospects” who become customers?

Good question and frankly, there is not a quick answer to that. The percentage will vary with the talent of the person in the middle of the MLM process, but the percentage is pretty  small. 3-10% is a figure we’ve heard from some professionals. Higher close rates are possible, and again, that will depend on the skill of the person who is working that sales funnel.

As an aside, if you are serious about attracting prospects and converting them to MLM leads and ultimately to network marketing customers, you MUST master the skill of effective ad writing – “copywriting” is the formal term.   You’ll never stop learning this skill and the more you are competent at it, the better will be your results.  Check out a few blogs we’ve written on the subject:

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Possibly THE most important consideration of an online mlm/network marketing business is the pure beauty of the numbers involved. This is a universe of literally MILLIONS and all you need to do as a network marketing professional is to have a very small percentage of those millions to “opt-in” to your list to be a viable sales prospect for a product or products.

Have you ever done the math to see what a sample product sold online would generate as to income?


Here is an example of “doing the math”

If you have a potential market of 20 million people (NOTE: the estimated size of online network marketing interested people, JUST North America – ONLY the United States and Canada is 15 million) which is very conservative and realistic.  Now, we know you can’t possible “touch” 20 million people even if you were everywhere on the Internet, but what you CAN do is target the message you have in your blogs and videos with Search Engine Optimization keyword phrases to drive to your site (blog) those that DO want to hear what your message is.

So, let’s say you only could attract a small percentage of this massive market – say only 50,000.That is one quarter of one percent, or .0025%. (20,000,000 times .0025).

So, if it took you years to build a list like this (and it more than likely will take several years), and you had a product or products that you sold for say, $25 a month – perhaps a repetitive retail product (vitamins, creams, etc.), or maybe a service that is a repetitive monthly service, and you only sold 1% of that 50,000 list, how much would you make?

Do the math. That would be $25 dollars times 500 (50,000 times 1%), or $12,500.

Residual Income signThat would be your monetized residual income for a month.

$12,500 for one month.  That is $150,000 a year.  

NOW do you understand the power of the Internet and the large numbers you can attract?


The example above  is only ONE product and the way to make much more is to have multiple products, hold multiple teaching webinars – some free, some for a fee – joint venture with other successful network marketing professional – do funded advertising, offer affiliate products where you earn affiliate commissions.  Our point is you can have multiple residual income streams, not just one.  Is the impact of what you can create starting to sink in?   

By the way, the REALLY successful network marketing professionals have closure rates WAY above 1%. We are just putting this example forward as to the amazing potential involved with an online network marketing business.

So, the definition of the sales funnel is pretty basic. The results are pretty easy to see if it is done correctly.

This is what MLMWildfire is all about – taking you by the hand and showing you how and what to do and help put tools in place to make that happen.

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