Does Your Network Marketing Business Have Focus?

Melody here, guys! Last time I wrote here, I promised myself to take massive action in our network marketing business to the best of my physical ability, and I promised it in writing, with you as my witness for a reason. I’m making myself accountable not only to myself and to hubby Bruce, but to our coach Josh, and to each and every one of you who reads this. Writing it down and “officially” publishing it has given me better motivation to move my everyday focus away from my challenges, physical and otherwise, to focusing on my activity in a much more consistent manner, and to accomplish more, and feel better about my part of our network marketing business, which is really exciting!

It’s also made me realize that when I talk about focus and massive action, that these terms have become sort of trite and lost their true meaning from being over-used by the network marketing business industry, and business in general. People say they are focused on their network marketing business, but they often don’t realize how very little of their energy they are tapping into, they don’t realize how very much more they can do to stretch and grow and not only earn more money in a network marketing business, but also to live a more fulfilling personal life, due to the increase gained in their ability to focus in the network marketing business!

When you truly learn how to focus and take massive action, it’s not just a great concept, it’s an experiential life change! You are opening yourself to a greater quality of life, a new way of being in the world. We all want more money, more stuff, the ability to give more to others, and especially more inner peace and joy.  The human mind is pre-programmed to do anything it can to avoid pain, and increase pleasure on an immediate basis.  What most people don’t know is that more happiness, the ultimate holy grail of life, is found in each moment, in the process, along the road, on the journey, and not found by constantly unconsciously beating oneself up along the way for making less progress than they “should have.”

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Of all the people I know, I am perhaps the worst offender of the cardinal rule of being fully present and focused, especially in the network marketing business, which I’ve been pursuing to varying degrees for many years.  I know better, I’ve studied and continue to be a student and teacher of meditation and conscious awareness, practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques, and still I’m sometimes so hard on myself that I can’t enjoy the little things, can’t always model what I aspire to, can’t always focus on that massive action I want to take in our network marketing business.

So let’s quantify this and boil it down to a formula we all can use. First, take out a pad and make a list of everything you can think of that you have to do for your business—writing blogs, doing videos, staying current on your social media sites like Facebook & Twitter, working on search engine optimization, keywords, studying your competition, learning your coach’s training materials or even learning from a lot of great coaches out there providing free material, studying copywriting and writing that sells, and helping your downline to do all those same things. Give some time to this list, and realize that you will have to make a conscious decision that you will spend “X” amount of time on each of these activities for your network marketing business. Keep your network marketing business list of things to do handy and visible at all times.

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Next, make another list, this time a list of your personal things to do. You know, pay the bills, balance the checkbook, get your driver’s license renewed, go to the dentist, doctor, hair salon, pick up the groceries, it seems to be endless.  Some of the things you dump onto this list may never even get done if they are not a high enough priority for you, some you may dread doing and spend so much energy just avoiding it that it’s dragging you down!  This is the kind of thing that tends to take our focus away from our network marketing business and drains our energy, usually in an unconscious way, which is the most draining kind of energy leak.

As you think of things to add to both your personal list and to your network marketing business list, do your best to write it down first and then if you can’t do something about it right then, cultivate the practice of letting it go until you can. If you’ve already written it down, notice when it pops up in your mind, and visualize and know it will get done, but let go of it till then. Become more aware of thoughts like “oops, I still need to take the dog to the vet for her checkup,” because if you’re not aware that you’re thinking those thoughts, they tend to grow in power and take over your mind.  If you can’t do something about it right then, even just writing it down, or making that phone call, you must learn to let it go or you will totally drain your energy and there’ll be less energy available to focus on working your network marketing business.

As time goes by, I’ll talk more about focus in your network marketing business, but till then, remember: the more you maintain focus on your network marketing business, the more massive your action will become and the faster you will achieve the success you want. In the meantime, get more great tips on how to succeed in your network marketing business and stay in touch with us by clicking the button below and learning how to start your path to success!

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