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Without sounding over dramatic, this is the day you’ll remember landing on what can be the final solution to your network marketing search for the best business possible. We know this because we were in your shoes not too long ago.

Hi, this is Bruce and Melody Haines and we are network marketing trainers and also network marketing business owners, and we are here to make your network marketing success a reality. We’ll get into that, but first a small history on our journey that will show you we know the road you are traveling.

We actually met through a network marketing company cold call! Bruce was in the corporate world, working as you are, looking, hoping, searching for that magic formula that would create what all of us want – financial freedom and the time to enjoy it.

Bruce was actually working a classic network marketing business on a part-time basis and one evening was training some new distributors.  He picked up the phone book, randomly opened a page, and plunked his finger down on one number and declared “let me show you how to make a cold call”.

You guessed it – the voice on the other end was Melody. Their discussion was a brief one – he offered her a video to look at (shows you how old we are and how long we’ve been doing this!), and long story short, after dropping that video in her mail box, then following up in a few days, ultimately met, sponsored, then eventually married Melody.

We just passed our 15th wedding anniversary, and in that time, we have been in and out of network marketing over the years, but always learning together and in recent years enjoying this wonderful business.

Before we met, each of us had owned our own businesses outside of network marketing, each enjoying a modest degree of success, but never to the level we knew was possible.

Then, we found our Internet partner, Josh Cope and our lives changed. He coached, mentored, and provided unbelievable network marketing training. In short, he finally helped us become effective network marketing leader/trainers.

Sure, we have amazing products in our multiple network marketing businesses, but using the Internet was such an obvious and clear solution for us, that we decided to share and train leaders much as Josh has done, and it is this training and helping others that drives us. We have a passion to create and train everyone who wants to experience network marketing success and be financially free.

Financial freedom and network marketing success is just a matter of working together and nothing is impossible with a team effort.   Success

If you are truly a success seeker, someone who understands that network marketing success can be created with plenty for everyone, you are about to find out just how successful you really can be.

We both assure you, not only is it possible, it is DONE if you simply go to work for yourselves, work smarter, not harder, and harness the tools and guidance you are about to experience through MLMWildfire.comYou too will find your business will grow like wildfire!

We are committed to your success and believe this old Zig Ziglar statement: You can get everything you want in life if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.  We’re here to make that statement come alive.

The entire reason anyone builds a network marketing business online is to get A MASSIVE LIST. With a massive list, you are then in the position to market all type of goods and services to a waiting “pre-screened” buying public. The result, of course is residual income which creates financial freedom if it is big enough!

The needed tools to manage and build relationships with this list is the critical piece you need if you are going to succeed at network marketing.

Do you have to be on your own? Certainly NOT!  Start with a free website –  Just click FREE WEBSITE for some amazing details plus the ability to get a free website.  

This is what MLMWildfire is all about – taking you by the hand and showing you how and what to do and help put tools in place to make that happen.

Stay in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter.  You can also find that motivation and positive attitude on our YouTube channel.  We offer consistent motivational thoughts and positive information to keep your spirit going!

We look forward to working with you!

Bruce and Melody Haines