Your Work Ethic is the Secret to Network Marketing Success

What makes one network marketing business a network marketing success, and another network marketing business a failure?  The same thing that makes any worker or employee or business owner successful – a strong work ethic and compassion for others in all that they do.

We want to relate a Zig Ziglar story many of you may have heard that illustrates the work ethic concept.   Zig ZiglarThe late Zig Ziglar is responsible for a lot of successful people and his life was a monument to work ethic, persistence, having a positive attitude and creating value for those lives he touched.   We’ve read all his books, listened to hours of his tapes and CD’s, and know the kernel of truth revolving around a strong work ethic is the cornerstone to anyone having a network marketing business that is a network marketing success story.  

So, here is that story and we’ll follow with some important network marketing tips: [BONUS ZIG ZIGLAR STORY  – check out this video I did with another Zig Ziglar attitude story:  You Must Have A Positive Attitude]

In the 1950s, an incident took place on a sweltering summer afternoon alongside a railroad track where a crew of workers was doing some repair work. A train came chugging down the track and pulled off on a side rail. A window opened and a voice—a man’s voice—shouted out, “Dave! Dave Anderson, is that you?”

It was; in fact, Dave Anderson was in charge of the crew. “Yeah, Jim, it’s me,” he shouted back.

TraincarThe man on the train, Jim Murphy, yelled out, “Well, come on over here and let’s chat a while.”

So Dave stopped what he’d been doing and joined Jim Murphy in his private air-conditioned railroad car for almost an hour, no doubt happy to get out of the broiling sun. When the conversation ended, he made his way back to his crew working on the track. The flabbergasted crew stared at him in utter shock and said something to the effect of, “That was Jim Murphy, the president of the railroad.”

“Yup, it sure was,” Anderson said.

They all gathered around and excitedly wanted to know how Dave knew Jim Murphy, the president of the railroad, for God sakes, to say nothing about he got to be such good buddies with the man and on a first-name basis to boot!

Dave explained: “Well, it’s quite simple—when I started with the railroad over 20 years ago, Jim Murphy started at the same time; we’ve been pals ever since.”

Now the crew is astonished as much as they are confused. They want to know how it is that Dave and Jim Murphy started working for the railroad at the same time and Murphy rose to such dizzying heights while old Dave is still working on the track in the hot sun. How in God’s name did that happen?

Dave looked wistfully up into the sky and said, “A little over 20 years ago Jim Murphy went to work for the railroad; I went to work for a $1.75 an hour.”

Now if you are like us, the first time we heard that story, the clarity of the message hit home and we remember it to this day.  You are involved in a network marketing business or “”MLM” as it is called by those old-school participants.  Multi-level Marketing is still an accurate description, but the politically correct phrase is network marketing or sometimes referred to as “direct selling.”

Regardless of what you call it, to build a really successful network marketing business requires the work ethic of going to work “for the railroad” as the story showed us.   If you are in network marketing to sponsor someone and move on, or sell a product and look for the next person to purchase what you have to sell, you will fail.  Period.

Steps to Building a Winning Network Marketing Work Ethic

So, who do you answer to when you are the boss?  What makes you have a good work ethic and how do you measure it when you are running a network marketing business?

We boil it down to one phrase:  

Work Ethic Sign

Most network marketing business owners do this business part-time – they have a day job and need to have a steady income until their network marketing business spins off enough success to do it full-time.  Most of us in network marketing started that way.  This makes it doubly hard to keep a good work ethic in focus as you are limited in the amount of quality time you can devote to your network marketing business.  

So, here are some network marketing tips to take to insure your work ethic is going to propel you to network marketing success:

  • Determine how much time a day/week/month you will put into your network marketing business.  Track that time to insure you are performing as you want to.  If you can only put in 2 hours a week, then make those 2 hours the most productive time possible.  Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint – the tortoise won the race, not the rabbit!
  • Work smarter, not harder.  Let the Internet help you move out of the old school into the new school world of network marketing success:


  • Define and provide yourself with measurable tasks and deadlines.  For example, writing blogs is paramount in conveying your message in the network marketing world of the Internet.  Determine you are going to produce one blog a day, one blog a month, one blog every six weeks, etc.  What you do must fit your schedule and needs, but measure that goal, track it, adjust accordingly if you fall short and ultimately network marketing success will be yours.
  • Practice Self-Discipline.  Yes, you will have times when you just can’t see yourself working into the evening or putting that extra effort into your network marketing business after having worked all day, dealt with family issues, etc. This is what separates the successful people from the masses.  Fight the temptation to relax and rest because you “deserve it”.  Persist.  Do something others won’t do and eventually you’ll have network marketing success and achieve financial rewards and buying back your life from your job.
  • Unplug your Electronic Income Reducer.  That, my folks is how I define the television set.  Sucks out enormous amounts of time in your life and provides very little in return (apologies to the educational shows and coverage of world events which in and of itself drives negative images into your brain, equally as damaging in the scheme of things!).   Turn off the darn TV!   Say NO to the TV and YES to your network marketing business.
  • Seek out professional network marketing trainers and coaches to create network marketing success.  Do you think you can do everything to build a network marketing success story by yourself?  Folks, let me give you the best advice you’ll get about building a network marketing business:  Get some help from a network marketing savvy person who has done what you are trying to do.  Why do people sign up for investment newsletters and listen to the Warren Buffett’s of the world?  Simple – they’ve made a success in the world of investing so why not emulate their success?   The same principle applies to network marketing.  Follow those who are already network marketing successful and can show you how it is done.  

A work ethic is a key to your success in network marketing, but we’d rank getting network marketing training as even more important.  The smartest person in the world in the middle of a forest will die from exposure, thirst, or starvation if they don’t know the simple methods of survival in that forest environment.  You will not be successful in building network marketing business if you do not get that help to know what to do.

Fortunately, network marketing assistance and training  it is ready and waiting for you, and that is what we do here at, along with the advanced network marketing training and guidance from our business partner Josh Cope and his program.

Here is how you are probably building your network marketing business: 

Success single jigsaw





We build relationships with you and here is how we build network marketing success:

Success team jigsaw

The “bridge building” teamwork concept for your network marketing business is where you need to be!   If you are investing time and money into a network marketing business, you have to work with those who can piece together the puzzle and get you moving towards that network marketing success you want.  We understand – we were in your shoes before we plugged into the hyper-drive of turning on the Internet tools at our disposal through Josh and his amazing back-office assistance.

Here are your next action steps to having network marketing success:

  1. Develop and refine your work ethic
  2. Get the assistance of an expert to fill in the missing network marketing pieces you don’t know about.

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